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Krewella settles lawsuit with Rain Man, talks women in EDM with Forbes

In a new sitdown with Forbes on the set of their new music video for “Somewhere To Run”, the sisters of Krewella not only share their behind the scenes approach to the no-budget video, but also reveal that they’re lawsuit drama with Rain Man is now settled: numbers disclosed. It’s great that that chapter is behind them with “Say Goodbye” being the deepest Krewella has addressed it in either song or interview.

You can also see Jahan and Yasmine talk about the stereotypes of being women in EDM and the music industry, which unfortunately came at them viciously in the wake of the lawsuit news last September.

Watch/read the full piece here.

“It’s important to recognize that there is still certain stereotypes,” said Jahan, 25. “There are so many rumors that go around still–if there’s a woman that’s successful it’s because… she slept with this person or she bought her way into this rather than her just having talent.”

“We need to change the dialogue to make it OK for women to try the same exact things that men are,” said Yasmine, 23. “I think in time you’ll see an equal amount of women on these lineups.”


Krewella ‘Behind The Beats’ at EDC NYC

We’re trying to make songs that go past what “EDM” is right now.

– Yasmine

Billboard just premiered this cool, behind the scenes feature for their Behind The Beats series with Krewella as they follow around sisters Jahan and Yasmine, plus their new drummer and guitarist, as the prepare and ultimately perform at this year’s EDC Festival outside MetLife Stadium.

Unlike most behind the scenes features, we get some depth throughout the video. The sisters talk about their upbringing, their musical direction with their new touring set, and more. Loved the shots they got of the actual performance too so this one’s worth watching all the way through… here, it won’t embed. (Yasmine’s new blue hair too… killin’ it. Pun intended.)

Jahan (of Krewella) “When The Bullet Hits Home”

My friend JT and I just wrote this together- ‘When the Bullet Hits Home.’ Shout out to our homie Carlos Reyes for capturing the moment.

— Jahan

“When The Bullet Hits Home” is a raw, acoustic new song penned and sung by Jahan who ups the pace and delivers a strong, hard-hitting message in the wake of all the police brutality of the past year (and beyond). The video shows her and J.T. playing the song while images and video of as recent as the Baltimore riots appear. I have no doubt this will hit home for many, and props to Jahan for not only the message but the quality of the song itself too. Her vocals and delivery are something fresh compared to the usual EDM beat behind her so I appreciated that as well.

*Tibs Fav.

ICYMI: Krewella “Somewhere To Run” (Live Lyric Video)

Krewella “Somewhere to Run (Live Lyric Video)”

Krewella’s new single “Somewhere to Run” gets the new, unique video treatment by combining dynamic, pro live footage with a lyric video. Adding to the personal touch is that it’s actually Yazzy’s handwriting and the footage overall is captured brilliantly by Rory Kramer on stage at Ultra last month in Miami. Some of those shots with the Miami skyline and sea of people in the background are breathtaking. Same goes for some of the brief slow-mo cuts of the energy Krewella brings to the stage.

Lookin’ forward to more new music from the ladies as they are also starting to do more spot dates in Vegas this month (including tonight and on May 30th at Omnia at the Caesar’s.)

*Tibs Fav.

Krewella @ Ultra (Full Set)

Yesterday, Krewella was one of the many EDM performers who set Miami ablaze at Ultra. It looks like a grand time from the looks of their full set video above. It was only a 10 minute show (why that short?) but it was a good one that featured a live band giving their singles like “Alive” and new one “Somewhere To Run” an extra edge. I enjoyed those as well as the other unusual song choices throughout. Special props to Yazzy who I felt killed her vox on “Somewhere To Run”.

UPDATE: Jahan’s full post and proof that the set was NOT pre-recorded (+ just some great things to keep in mind, in general)

The performance also brought about a little bit of controversy as deadmau5 (sighs.. yet again) spent his time going after the sisters. He claimed they were faking their performance with no wires around their DJ equipment. But it looks like he was hasty with the accusation as you can still DJ wirelessly… as Krewella retorted after the set.





Good for the ladies standing up for themselves… who ironically did one interview at Ultra with MTV about bullying and how Monica Lewinsky’s recent TED talk was inspiring.