Jalen & Jacoby talk Straight Outta Compton

It’s been awhile without a dope pod to step to from Grantland’s Jalen & Jacoby. Hey, it’s the dog days of summer. No complaints here. Especially when they come back and give the lead to Straight Outta Compton.

The first 20 minutes above are dedicated to the N.W.A. biopic and throughout the entire entertaining convo, Jalen reveals he was actually at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit for the famed concert where N.W.A. was arrested by the police. Jalen confirms some of the reports that came out after the movie about some of the factual details of that night, and in general, just speaks on living that experience as a teenager in the late 80s. Great stuff, as always, from these two.

Double XX Posse “Not Gonna Be Able To Do It”

Here goes a fresh new pick for #TBT solely inspired by one Jalen Rose. If you’ve been up on Jalen & Jacoby pods this summer and the all-new Grantland Basketball Hour on ESPN tonite (on now, at posting time, on ESPN2 — later this weekend again on ABC, new show clips here), then you have probably heard Jalen melodically exclaim, “Not gonna be able to do it!”.


Well, I was inspired to give the inspiration of Jalen’s new go-to saying after they actually showed the clip of the music video on the aforementioned Grantland Basketball Hour. That’s right, some Double XX Posse was played on ESPN tonight. Let’s just say the new show from Bill & Jalen is off to an awesome start.

As Jalen usually professes in his pods, and throughout the entire Hip Hop Group Tournament he and Jacoby conducted this summer (won by OutKast, voted on by the people), he loves to give the new generation of hip hop listeners songs and albums that he grew up on in the Fab Five days. As a new generation hip hop guy myself, I appreciate that and check out things like this that I haven’t really heard, not having been old enough to be a part of the culture. I’m sure I’m not alone and that’s why I’m happy to pass it on with spotlights like this. So enjoy! This song, and video simply screams 90s vibes. The rhymes are slick and the song still relates to the fellas who just ended things with a lady friend. Very high “Mood” tweet potential, in fact. The mix from color to black and white was on point too. After one play, this will definitely be stuck in your head.

“Not Gonna Be Able To Do It” reached #1 on the Top Hip Hop Singles Billboard Chart in 1992.