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Jamie Foxx Musical Impressions

Jamie Foxx hit the Tonight Show for an entertaining segment with host Jimmy Fallon. They both put down some memorable impressions as Foxx won it with that John Legend x Toys R Us jingle. Or he maybe won it with the impromptu Doc Rivers impression. The lone, non-musical one is great too. Enjoy, ICYMI.

Jamie Foxx “Ain’t My Fault”

Jamie Foxx’s second release this year and it looks like it’s another new single. Compared to the clubbing single of “Party Ain’t A Party”, Jamie goes straight R&B yet goes hand in hand with the club. “Ain’t My Fault” is about that woman that turns your head at the club and as a result, this one has an upscale lounge type feel to it. Listen and hear for yourselves below.


Jamie Foxx f/ 2 Chainz “Party Ain’t A Party”

2 Chainz is featured and DJ Mustard are involved.. yet it’s not what I expected. Jamie Foxx‘s new comeback party single doesn’t have the piercing synths signature of Mustard; rather, a cool vibe that hits its stride with Foxx’s fast singing on the chorus. Chainz provides 2 verses with more ridiculous lines in both — you can probably take that for what it is. Overall verdict: pleasantly surprised it’s not the cliche sound given the talent involved (and the cover art), but it still doesn’t do enough for a *Tibs Fav. rating. Expect this one on Jamie’s upcoming album, TBD.