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QuESt “Back & More” (prod. Jansport J)

QuESt couldn’t let this extra track off Searching Sylvan go unheard. “Back & More” was originally slated for the mixtape last month, but was cut at the last minute. That’s not a bad thing as QuESt has a strong release on his hands a month later. Plus, it’s not hard to see why it fits in with Searching Sylvan — QuESt reflects and tells the story of his mother and other spiritual advisors who never lost their belief and support for him. Each verse lets us into the details of how each one has lifted up QuESt when he was down. Dope concept and well-executed over a soothing, head-nodding production from Jansport J. There’s an old-school 90s vibe to “Back & More” that I’m also resonating with and with all things comin’ correct, it’s certainly a song I’d suggest below.

*Tibs Fav.

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