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Common vs. John Legend Lip Sync Battle

I was waiting for video of this and boy, am I not disappointed.

The Lip Sync Battle between Common and John Legend took place last night and seemingly everyone was tweeting about it while I was watching some Warriors-Suns. Beside the point, Common and Legend went ALL OUT.

Dances, costumes, grills, just about everything you can think of for the friendly battle.

First, here’s Common “I Want You Back” vs. John Legend “Slow Motion”. What song choices.

Here’s Common break dancing as Lionel Richie for the next battle… forreal, wow. That’s growing up in Chi-City for ya.


Then Legend channeled some MC Hammer “Running Man” and had help from his wife Chrissy Teigen. This is pitted against Common’s “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie. I didn’t think a full on Lip Sync Battle (on Spike TV btw) could work as a show but at least with the “Glory” duo, it did. Watch above and below ICYMI.

Kanye West & John Legend “Gold Digger” 2003

Welp, this new footage is pretty fascinating. And we learn a couple fun tidbits about Kanye’s mega-hit we all know as “Gold Digger”.

This video was done before The College Dropout was released in February of 2004, meaning the skeleton for the song was already done. You’ll see as ‘Ye recites the first verse for what’s called “18 Years”.

Perhaps the greatest moment of this is the immediate follow-up to the first verse, which didn’t make the final version for obvious reasons. But wow, hahahah is all I gotta say.

Runner-up: Kanye’s Reese’s shirt.

2nd Runner-up: John Legend’s hairstyle, whatever that is.

Now back to “All Day”…

Sam Smith f/ John Legend “Lay You Down”

Sam Smith and John Legend kick off Monday with their first duet for “Lay You Down” and for a good cause too. The track is on sale now and will be the single for Red Nose Day, a British charity occurring every two years where residents don clown noses to help raise awareness and funds for Comic Relief. The video brings about more awareness as the two sing wonderfully throughout (especially when Legend’s verse came in.) Watch above and look out for the two performing this live on March 13th at the Comic Relief — Face The Funny special in London.


Common & John Legend “Glory” @ Oscars

Common & John Legend are Oscar Winners.

How glorious it is, huh? They just performed “Glory” at the Oscars and brought the celebs in attendance to tears and to their feet. How cool was it with all of the people behind them? Somethin’ just as powerful and unique compared to their recent close of the Grammys.

Soon after, they were announced as the winners of Best Original Song and gave as powerful a speech as the performance. ICYMI… watch both below.


On a much lighter note, here’s Common leaving Oprah hanging, haha!


Beyonce, Common, John Legend Grammys 2015

Loved how the Grammys closed this year as Beyonce, followed by Common & John Legend took to the stages of stages to spread awareness and uplift mankind. Beyonce performed, not one of her hits, but “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” gospel style with her own #HandsUpDontShoot moment up above.

It was the perfect prelude to Common & John Legend’s Oscar-nominated “Glory”, which was accompanied by a full orchestra and choir. Man, that orchestra really added some more power to it. I also appreciated the subtle mannerisms of Common when he stood without touching the mic for the first verse and then became more animated for the second verse that looks ahead. Perfect. Everything about everything here was perfect, in fact.

Watch/relive below: