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Derrick Rose vs. John Wall Duel

Prior to Lillard vs. Westbrook, another point guard duel took place in Washington D.C. Former Calipari alum Derrick Rose and John Wall squared off, especially in the 4th quarter.

Wall carried a 12-0 run with 10 of those points to give the Wizards the lead with a few minutes remaining. The behind the back gather before one of those fast-break layups was the fastest I’ve ever seen that executed. Naturally, it was pretty cool.


D. Rose responded and had 8 straight points of his own, including a step-back J over Wall to essentially ice the game and inspire a rare post-shot celebration. Rose obviously needs work in that department as his prolonged skipping resulted in an accidental smack of assistant coach Andy Greer. I can’t stop watching it.


Rose ended with 25 points and Wall had 18 points and 9 assists in the losing effort. Bulls 99, Wizards 91.


John Wall Full Highlights vs. Celtics

Let’s show John Wall some love after tonight’s 2OT thriller versus the Celtics. On the court, he dominated the game with 28 points and a career-high 17 assists.

Little did we know, what gave Wall the extra boost was the memory of 6-year-old D.C. native Miyah Telemaque-Nelson, who passed away on Saturday losing her battle with leukemia. Earlier this year, Wall befriended Miyah during her battle and even fulfilled a dream of hers to meet Nicki Minaj.

With the way the Wizards won, and the way Wall played with this hanging on him in the background, it was simply awesome. When Wall was asked about his emotions at the end of the grueling victory, he broke down in tears. It’s ok to shed some thug tears too. Definitely got a little misty watching Wall’s interview below.

Gerald Green’s Slam Dunk Contest

There were plenty of amazing highlights to choose from for our nightly NBA post, but the best one didn’t actually happen in a game.

That’s because at Suns Team Practice today, Gerald Green put on a show in an impromptu dunk contest versus teammate Archie Goodwin. Archie himself had some nice flushes, but it still didn’t touch what Gerald did with his last 3 dunks above. Especially that last one, wow.

As for the games, Monta Ellis continues his hot scoring stream and burns his old team on a game-ending buzzer beater. This sounds cool, but is considerably less so because Monta took four steps to put up the shot. Somehow this wasn’t a travel, even in the NBA.


In Charlotte, the hometown Bulls may have got the win, 102-95, but Kemba Walker crossed up rookie Nikola Mirotic so bad that it’s the enduring image of the game. It pains me to post this, but I do love me some Kemba crossovers.

It was so bad, Mirotic had to own it on Twitter. Ha! At least Niko’s use of emojis are in veteran form.

Lastly, and fittingly for the post, John Wall closed out the win vs. the Lakers with a 4-point play on Kobe and a fantastic, trolling shimmy. I approve.


John Wall x Great Wall Bball Court

It’s only right that John Wall be ballin’ on the Great Wall if he’s not otherwise in MSG with Team USA, right? Well, adidas made it happen by actually building a basketball court on the Great Wall. Wizards all-star J. Wall was on hand to shoot some hoops for the freshly designed promo. Here’s a look at the Great Wall at night, with the court lit up along the edge. Take me there!



h/t TheScore

Bulls Show 82: Weighing the Wizards

Ricky & Nillz preview the Bulls’ upcoming first round playoff series against the Wizards, including a look at key factors and match-ups. Listen to find out who we think has the edge between Michael Jordan’s former teams and whether Kirk Hinrich can avenge his 2005 playoff loss to Washington in honor of Andres Nocioni (no, seriously).