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Joey Bada$$ f/ Kiesza “Teach Me”

Fellas, there’s no shame in needing someone to teach us how to dance.

Especially if you’re asking someone as fresh as Kiesza to help out. Joey Bada$$ does just that on his new funky preview of B4.Da.$$ with some ambiguous deeper meanings throughout if you dig deeper. This track was made for Kiesza if you’ve heard her latest project, so purely because of her and this successful mix, I’m a fan of this song. Chuck Strangers and ASTR (whom we saw at Lolla this past summer) produce.

*Tibs Fav. 

B4.Da.$$ drops January 20th.

Kiesza “No Enemiesz (Stefan Ponce Remix)”

This flew under my radar in the month of November — a fresh, official remix from Chicago’s Stefan Ponce of a standout from Kiesza’s new Sound of a Woman album “No Enemiesz”. The original is already dope featuring an edgy, upbeat, and ever-changing production. I dig the upbeat vibe to Stefan’s flip too. Both are equally awesome as Kiesza’s light vocals remain constant here and throughout the rest of the album, which has plenty of songs in my rotation at the moment. Adding this one to it!

*Tibs Fav.

ICYMI: Kiesza “What Is Love” on Conan

Kiesza “What is Love?” on Conan

Kiesza puts down a slow, fresh twist on the greatest song in history. #JustKiddingButSeriously

I feel like mid-20 somethings like myself are all in unified joy when “What Is Love?” by Haddaway, popularized in A Night At The Roxbury, comes on.

C’mon, how do you not bob your head to the left when this comes on? Go-to road trip song since high school. Alas, to my pleasant surprise, emphasis on surprise, Kiesza covered “What Is Love?” and gave the song a completely new feel. The lyrics, when sung slowly and accompanied by a graceful piano and chilling string section (perfectly about halfway through), actually take on a more serious, heartfelt meaning. Wow. I was stunned. Bonus points for Keisza looking striking in that black and white dress contrasted with the ruby red piano (and ruby red lipstick, in fact.) Needless to say, press play above as Kiesza closed out a sweet lineup last night on Conan with Neil Patrick Harris and Damian Lillard.

Sound of a Woman, Kiesza’s debut album, is available now (and does in fact feature “What Is Love”).

ICYMI: Kiesza f/ Mick Jenkins “Losin My Mind”

Kiesza f/ Mick Jenkins “Losin’ My Mind”

A surprise match perhaps. Only perhaps if you’re unfamiliar that both Kiesza, the “Hideaway” breakout star, and Mick Jenkins, arguably the breakout Chicago emcee of 2014, are both signed by Cinematic Music Group. The two link up on “Losin’ My Mind” for Kiesza’s new single and it’s a must-listen.

Kiesza is on the verge of losing her mind and her sultry delivery makes the chorus stick well after the song has ended. The hip hop edge to the beat is obvious and makes for a natural backdrop for Mick Jenkins’ concluding verse, wherein he slyly name-drops Lamar Odom and Texas Hold’em in the same set of opening bars. I was hooked from then on and overall, we have an easy *Tibs Fav. and my pick for the song of the day on this busy Monday. Enjoy!

ICYMI: Kiesza f/ Joey Bada$$ “Bad Thing” | Mick Jenkins & Supa BWE “Treat Me Caucasian” [Music Video]

Kiesza f/ Joey Bada$$ “Bad Thing”

Count me among the millions swept up by Kiesza’s one-take video for “Hideaway” that propelled the Calgary singer/songwriter to fame and a redux performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Now that she’s got a lot of people’s attention, it’s time for more because she crosses over into hip hop with this collab for the upcoming debut album, Sound of a Woman.

“Bad Thing” features a slow and steady verse from Joey Bada$$ to match the mood set by Kiesza, whom I can see performing this in a low-lit, vintage jazz club. A good look for your rotation and for any Pro Era fans out there to discover just who Kiesza is. Sound of a Woman drops October 21st.