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Kanye West LIVE @ #Time100 Gala

In commemorance of his new cover story on the TIME 100, Kanye was in the house for the celebratory gala along with his wife and one of his fellow honorees, Kim Kardashian.

But Kanye was also in the house to perform for the many influencers like Martha Stewart, for example.

Scroll below for some clips of “All Day”, “New Slaves”, and “Black Skinhead”. All bold, and baller choices for this audience, huh? Note the difference in presentation too — Kanye with a legion behind him that looks like they’re stone figures.








Kanye & Kim for Balmain

It’s KimYe’s turn for a high-end fashion spread. Above is their all-new series for Balmain, which immediately inspired me to queue up this.

As for the photos, this looks straight out of a sleek action movie. Kanye winnin’ in the 2nd photo with Kim on the car. I wonder what College Dropout ‘Ye would have thought if someone from 2014 showed him that photo 10 years ago…

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Kanye West SoC at #LifeIsBeautiful

At the start of this past weekend, Kanye West was one of the Day 1 headliners to Las Vegas’ 2nd annual Life Is Beautiful Festival. He, of course, also delivered one of his passionate stream of consciousnesses (SoC) prefacing it with, “See this is part of the show where I usually get in ‘trouble’.” That actually set the tone for a more calm reflection of his talk about his wife and family on the heels of Kim’s birthday just days prior. The two after-partied it up at Tao that night before making it to San Francisco for Game 5 of the World Series last night (at the park where Kanye proposed to Kim, if you recall.) Anywho, enjoy the fan-captured SoC below.

But wait, that’s not all for passionate Kanye West speeches. This slipped past my personal radar within the last week, but at the listening party for Teyana Taylor’s new album, Kanye delivered a great introduction that praised Teyana for putting her heart into the music and all of their collaborative work over the last few years. This was refreshing to hear as I can’t really recall much public support from Kanye to Teyana, though I never really doubted it wasn’t there either. Watch ‘Ye get turnt up below and ICYMI, more on Teyana’s party and the video for “Broken Hearted Girl” to get your VII sampling.