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Kobe X Overcome releases tomorrow

Whoo, it’s been a great August for new basketball shoes so leave it to Nike to put the exclaimation mark on a nice month overall.

Tomorrow (the 27th) we’ll see the release of the latest Kobe X colorway “Overcome” seen in the gallery above. This is one of my favorite colorways of the signature with the grape purple, teal, and black all clashing beautifully. I also gotta cop that tee up above too.

Here’s the always motivating explanation of the namesake, via Nike:

He didn’t need to head to the line as trainers pleaded with him to head for the locker room, but he came back. He didn’t need to rehab harder than any human should have for the ‘15 season, but he came back. He didn’t need to keep training after he tore his shoulder, but he’ll come back … because one thing Kobe knows is how to overcome.

To top it off, Nike Basketball also released today the Kyrie 1 “Australia” colorway. Kyrie’s first signature gets the beautiful greens of the Australia logo and it’s by far his best colorway to date. I’m a fan of Uncle Drew, but I can’t in good conscience buy a pair of Kyries when he’s gonna go up against my Bulls again this season. Especially on a day when the Rose’s come out and look nice too. But hey, for all you Cavs and/or Aussie fans, scroll below and cop the collection.






MJ on LeBron in 1-on-1: “No question.”

First off, ❤ Photoshop.

Second, Michael Jordan says in the video that he knows ESPN was going to run with it, but he still answered the question in classic MJ fashion. (And yes, they’re running with it.)

Who would win a game of 1-on-1: MJ in his prime or LeBron James?

That answer, plus a lot more, is in 6 minutes of must-see video below as MJ answered a variety of good questions from his campers last week — I believe the same camp where he and Jimmy Butler competed in a shooting contest.

Candid MJ is great. He says the all-time Bulls “would’ve killed” the All-Time Lakers and that Shaq is just talking. He also respects Kobe, “I still love him like a brother,” and has another humorous line on top of that (that I won’t spoil.)

The only downside to the interview: MJ is asked who his favorite band or artist is and comes up with… Robin Thicke?! I wish someone asked him about the Drake line on top of WHAT ARE THOOOSEEE?!

Anyway, enough talk. I’ll let MJ take it from here…

BONUS: In my Twitter feed, I caught another candid MJ interview… from 1992. With Playboy. (SFW) If you’re here watching this above, do yourself a favor and click this. Just as engaging and entertaining.

UNRELATED: The Drew League Finals took place tonight with James Harden leading LAUNFD over DeMar DeRozan & Nick Young’s M.H.P. squad. The play-by-play sounds pretty awesome. Look for the video here tomorrow or possibly later tonight.

NikeLab Kobe X Elite Low HTM

The NikeLab Kobe X Elite Low HTM is the latest collaboration between three super designers: Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker. They may have outdone themselves here.

There are 3 colorways set for release, and revealed today in the slideshow above. My favorite is the first one: this white/black/ice blue hybrid. It’s simply a beautiful use and placement of the colors and the materials amplify the aesthetic even more. Even the laces have a next-level edge to them. No knock on the other 2 colorways too, they’re sleek as well.

With every new version of the Kobes (love the IX’s too), I’m more convinced to try these lows, even with my propensity for high ankle sprains. To help comfort anyone else like me obsessing about performance, these NikeLab Elite HTM versions will combine the newest of the new NikeLab technology, described below via Hypebeast.

Combining HTM’s aesthetic and Nike’s artillery of performance technologies, careful detailing has been applied to all aspects of the shoe — most notable is that each colorway comes equipped with two different sets of screw-in aglets in varying metallic finish color and HTM branding. Nike-Free inspired flex grooves are highlighted along the outsole with a combination of Nike Lunarlon cushioning, Nike Zoom Air and Nike-Free inspired sipping coming together to form a special hybrid cushioning system for the Kobe X Elite Low HTM. The Flyknit upper is complemented by an advanced traction system and a flexible midsole for optimum grip on court. To read more about Nike HTM’s latest project, click here.

ICYMI: The Kobe Bryant x Eric Avar podcast on the Kobe XKobe Bryant’s Muse (Full Documentary)

Kobe Bryant’s Muse (Full Video)

Once I made that commitment and said that I want to be one of the greatest ever, then the game became everything for me.

Kobe Bryant’s Muse premiered this weekend on Showtime — a near 90 minute documentary of Kobe’s journey from the son of an NBA player growing up in Italy to the 5-time champion we know today. Everything is covered in fascinating first-person account by Kobe himself, who speaks to us confessional style with 100% candor on the highs and lows of his professional career and personal life.

The doc resonated with me because of how intensely humanizing it was, especially for a subject like Bryant who was more guarded earlier in his career, which contributed to how polarizing he was widely viewed. Kobe’s outlook is one I think we can channel into our own lives. His relentless willpower has always been inspiring on the court, but now we see it in a new light through his own words combined with the authentic behind the scenes footage of his recovery from the 2013 achilles tear.

From a technical standpoint, this footage and how it was structured into the documentary was simply superb. I felt the gravity of the recovery and how taxing it was on Bryant, which was illustrated in a ‘less is more’ manner with very minimal speaking in the various long and dramatic scenes. The 8-month long recovery process is interspersed between chapters that chronologically expound on each phase of his life.

Probably the most emotional aspect of the doc was halfway through when Kobe reflected on his darkest moment stemming from the sexual assault charge that nearly crumbled his family and career. The buildup to it was the starkly contrasted joy that Kobe expressed about first meeting his wife Vanessa (the footage here is crazy) and the birth of his first daughter Natalia. This transitioned into the revelation of a miscarriage during the strenuous times of the charge, which carried heavy sorrow and regret by Bryant that was tough to watch. Again, it was moments like these throughout Kobe Bryant’s Muse that humanized Bryant and told his story from a brand new lens.

As I conclude, the gripping storytelling throughout was also more current than you may have expected. The documentary ends with some unfiltered, chilling, and cutting-edge footage of Kobe learning of his torn rotator cuff diagnosis that ended this current season just a few weeks ago. Even though it was nearly 90 minutes long, Kobe Bryant’s Muse left me wanting more.

Of the many quotables I could include here, I felt compelled to transcribe this one below: Kobe embodying the possibility of living your dreams because you’re already living it in your mind.

“When you make a choice and say, come hell or high water, I’m going to be this. Then you should not be surprised when you are that. It should not be something that’s… that feels intoxicating or out of character because you had seen this moment for so long, you had played it in your mind for so long that when that moment comes.. it’s like of course it’s here because it’s been here the whole time. It’s been up here the whole time.”

– Kobe Bryant

Nike 2015 All-Star Collection

On the heels of yesterday’s Kobe X spotlight, we have another gorgeous new design from Nike — today’s unveiling of their 2015 All-Star collection for its athletes: Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and LeBron James.

I love the New York City inspirations for each one, starting off with Kobe’s Kobe X off the 1964 World Fair. I feel like I’d be wearing some sort of 2015 NBA Jam shoe with the all-black powerfully accented by the neon colors on the bottoms of the sides. The All-Star KD7 is based off the Brooklyn Bridge, the new Kyrie 1 is off the famous subway station at City Hall, and finally, the LeBron 12 draws a nod from one of my favorite buildings in NYC: the Flatiron Building. Nike did a wonderful job designing the backgrounds to display these shoes up above. Here they are all together too.


Look for the shoes to drop February 13th (Kobe & KD) and 14th (LeBron & Kyrie). Also peep the extra gear. The ‘NYC’ x ‘Nike’ hybrid logo and the socks are both as fire as the kicks.