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Kobe X (Detailed Images)

Sneakerheads and fellow bball players out there, this Saturday marks the first release of the Kobe X. Quite clearly, the 10th collaboration between Kobe Bryant and Nike, the “5 AM Flight” colorway is the first of 5 and above is a detailed look with the ultra-clean Nike Lab photos above.

I appreciate the inspirations behind the shoe’s design and color as Nike, much like adidas with Derrick Rose, channels some of the finer inspirations or events of the athlete into the shoe. The “5 AM Flight” takes inspiration from Kobe’s viral Vine of him high diving into a pool while rehabbing his torn achilles two summers ago.

Kobe himself and designer Eric Avar, lead designer of the Kobe series and the Huaraches before that, discuss the inspirations, technology, and collaborating on a fishing trip amongst other things in this interesting podcast below. Kobe has a bunch of quotables, especially towards the end, extracted below. One quick one: his ideal way out is making a game-winner in Game 7 of the Finals. Not at home, but on the road. “There’s nothing like being the villain. *chuckles*

For those lookin’ to cop, meet me Saturday at Nike.com at 9:05 CT 😀

On what he has left to play for:

Learning. Learning. It’s always that man. It’s always been the most fun. It’s figuring out the puzzle.

On what he would tell his younger self:

I wish I could take the way I see the game now and give it to me back then. But I gotta say, there’s something about not having perspective that gives you such a killer edge man. Being 21, 22 years old, not having perspective. You need to appreciate winning championships. You need to like appreciate where you are. There’s something about not having that perspective that makes you a stone cold killer.

Kobe Bryant and lead designer, Eric Avar

Kobe Bryant “OK”

This is the moment I accept the most challenging times will always be behind me AND in front of me.

Wednesday night, Kobe Bryant hurt his shoulder on a dunk vs. New Orleans and yesterday, the Lakers confirmed that Kobe sustained a torn rotator cuff and is looking at missing the rest of the season (he and the Lakers will decide for sure on Monday.)

An unbelievable highlight that came out of it: Kobe briefly stayed in the game and tried to play through the injury. He even hit a 16-foot fadeaway, left-handed.


Today on The Player’s Tribune, and coinciding with Kobe Bryant’s Muse — his upcoming documentary, likely to receive another update now before its February 21st release — Kobe shared a video simply titled “OK”. Watch as he receives the diagnosis. Just because the camera crew is there, I don’t think this is a contrived reaction. Basketball means everything to Kobe and you can sense his genuine emotion when he gets the confirmation of what was likely the case.

Well-done video. And super current. Again, this just happened yesterday.

There is power in understanding the journey of others to help create your own.


Kobe Bryant’s Muse (New Trailer)

Basketball is a vehicle through which I’m questioning myself, because basketball is a vehicle in which I learned about myself.

For anyone who has ever played basketball at some sort of competitive level, I feel like you would resonate with Kobe Bryant in his new trailer for his upcoming Showtime doc, Kobe Bryant’s Muse. The quote above is where I’m getting at, as Kobe cites basketball as his teacher, which triggered an immediate memory to little metaphors I have learned through playing ball all my life. Hey, after all… ball is life, right?

Kobe Bean also talks about feeling the energy on the court and celebrating the journey throughout his career and, though this is implied, in his present-day team struggles with his career waning. I feel like Kobe, and you reading this now, would like our New Age section.

Check out the cool new trailer up above as it reveals the release date of Kobe Bryant’s Muse — February 21st.

Kobe Bryant passes MJ on all-time scoring list

As expected tonight, Kobe Bryant scored the 8 points he needed to pass Michael Jordan for 3rd on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.

Though the milestone didn’t happen at home, it did happen in poetic fashion at the free throw line. Kobe’s first points in the league were from the free throw line and tonight, he sinked the first free throw to tie MJ and another one to pass him.

In a classy move, the Timberwolves paused the game for a couple of minutes as the fans in attendance applauded, teammates and opponents gave him dap, and Wolves owner Glen Taylor presented Kobe with the record-breaking game ball. Watch it all above.

The Lakers went on to win 100-94 with Kobe leading the Lakers with 26 points.

Michael Jordan issued a gracious statement as well, as follows:

Now, I’ve grown to be a fan of Kobe, but is Kobe vs. MJ really a debate? To quell anyone pro-Kobe in the wake of tonight’s milestone, here’s a comeback stat.

That said, this is quite the accomplishment for Kobe Bryant that on its own right is one to be acknowledged, not disparaged. #Salute to the Mamba!

Lastly, in a creative marketing move by Nike, you can also cop and customize the new Nike Kobe IX “Mamba Moment” (released just a moment after the free throw).


Swaggy P game-winning 3 vs. Spurs

Nobody in the world can guard me one on one.

– Nick Young, to Kobe Bryant yesterday.

Moments ago, Swaggy P backed it up with this bail out go ahead 3 in San Antonio to propel the Lakers ahead for good 112-110 for an entertaining overtime win. Swaggy had 29 on a night where Kobe Bryant fell short by 8 points of passing Michael Jordan for 3rd on the all-time scoring list. Kobe was dishing dimes though (6 in the 4th and OT) and the Spurs locked him up pretty good down the stretch too. Still, one of the most entertaining games of the night went down to the wire.


Earlier in the game…


Here’s Swaggy P’s post-game interview. Just as good.

Also memorable: another Pop interview…