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Miguel ‘Wildheart’ (Tracklist)

Miguel’s new album, Wildheart, is on the way June 30th and the tracklist today reveals 16 records and only 2 features: Lenny Kravitz and Kurupt. That’s fine by me since Miguel can carry an album on his own. Really lookin’ forward to Miguel’s sound after last December’s EP continued to impress.

1. A Beautiful Exit
2. Deal
3. The Valley
4. Coffee
5. NWA f/ Kurupt
6. Waves
7. What’s Normal Anyway
8. Hollywood Dreams
9. …GoingToHell
10. Flesh
11. Leaves
12. Face The Sun f/ Lenny Kravitz
13. GFG
14. Destinado A Morir
15. Simple Things
16. Damned


Miguel ‘nwa.hollywooddreams.coffee.’ EP

A Friday surprise as Miguel comes back from hiding to release some new music — a 3 track EP for free download titled ‘nwa.hollywooddreams.coffee’ wherein the periods separate the song titles.

The sound is different yet similar, which to me is a good thing. Miguel croons over some heavy guitar riffs and that’s what I’ve vibed with on Kaleidoscope Dream and the EPs he’s had back in 2012.

“nwa” has the lone feature and it’s Kurupt, but it was “hollywood dreams” and “coffee” that stood out as my favorites that’ll get some burn in the rotation. There’s a distinct L.A. vibe given the lyrics and song title of “hollywood dreams” and, being a big coffee drinker, I liked some of the direct lines about that on the last track that abruptly ends. Hopefully it’s a sign of more new music to come? Whatever the case, I suggest a listen/download of all 3 below.

Jhene Aiko brings out Kurupt & daughter @ Coachella

Get the “awwww” track ready…

Jhene Aiko took the stage once again at Coachella, and following up on her Drake + Childish Gambino surprise guests last weekend, she brought out Kurupt for a cover of “Ain’t No Fun (If the Homies Can’t Have None)”… and, wait for it… her five-and-a-half-year-old daughter Namiko to help out with “The Worst”.

The big co-signs continued as apparently Andre 3000 was singing along from the front row. Some IG videos below, as curated via Leakrew.