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Nike 2015 All-Star Collection

On the heels of yesterday’s Kobe X spotlight, we have another gorgeous new design from Nike — today’s unveiling of their 2015 All-Star collection for its athletes: Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and LeBron James.

I love the New York City inspirations for each one, starting off with Kobe’s Kobe X off the 1964 World Fair. I feel like I’d be wearing some sort of 2015 NBA Jam shoe with the all-black powerfully accented by the neon colors on the bottoms of the sides. The All-Star KD7 is based off the Brooklyn Bridge, the new Kyrie 1 is off the famous subway station at City Hall, and finally, the LeBron 12 draws a nod from one of my favorite buildings in NYC: the Flatiron Building. Nike did a wonderful job designing the backgrounds to display these shoes up above. Here they are all together too.


Look for the shoes to drop February 13th (Kobe & KD) and 14th (LeBron & Kyrie). Also peep the extra gear. The ‘NYC’ x ‘Nike’ hybrid logo and the socks are both as fire as the kicks.



Tonight in Crossovers

Watching a deadly crossover is just a wonderful experience. You know it’s coming, yet most of the time you’re like daayyymnnn, he got crossed up!

Kyrie Irving and Mike Conley were 2 for 2 in those reactions today. Kyrie up above takes the 76ers to school while below, Conley takes care of Eric Bledsoe. My favorite part: Bledsoe’s split second of acceptance. Like, he knew it too.


Kyrie Irving 55 PTS (Full Highlights)

No LeBron James, no problem for Uncle Drew.

Kyrie Irving stepped up big for the Cavs with James nursing a sprained wrist sustained in last night’s game versus the Pistons. At home tonight to take on the Blazers, the Cavs also dealt with another injury to a member of their big 3: Kevin Love. He hurt his knee but played through it, unfortunately ineffectively to the tune of 3-15 shooting.

So Kyrie stepped up, and got buckets. *Kevin Hart voice*

His 55 points came on 11 (eleven!) 3 pointers, including one that broke a 94-94 tie with 7 seconds left. Kyrie’s clutch play has been well-documented since his rookie year and tonight it was on full display. Lillard tried to match Kyrie’s 3 on the other end and surprisingly missed. 2 more FTs later and Kyrie ends up with 55. The Cavs have now won 8 in a row and are suddenly surging with a below average schedule the rest of the way until the all-star break. Watch out.

The night in tweets…


(I only put this in here because I hope Dwyane Wade subtweets Bron.)

Kemba Walker game-winner vs. Pelicans

Cardiac Kemba with his 3rd buzzer beater of the season — tonight coming at home on the honeycomb floor vs. the Pelicans. Just watch how tough this shot is. Gotta love the heart from this undersized guard who’s been doin’ it big ever since leading UConn to the ship. Tonight was his 3rd 30+ point game in a row, leading the Hornets to a 98-94 victory over New Orleans.



Other notable plays tonite: Kyrie Irving doing some Uncle Drew things (albeit in a losing effort), Marc Gasol doing some Larry Bird things (fantastic), and Russell Westbrook dunks on the Kings (again) with Jalen Rose paying homage to the late great Stuart Scott.




Kyrie Irving 37 PTS in MSG (Full Highlights)

This is why I like Kyrie Irving.

When he’s clicking and attacking the basket, he’s one of the most fun players to watch in the League.

A big reason for that: his handles.

Lowkey, did the Uncle Drew commercials give him the irrational confidence to do some of the most complex dribble moves to get past the defense?

My theory is that he effortlessly and effectively pulls off the Shammgod in the street ball game and thinks to himself, ‘Man, I’d be the only one who could do that in the L.’

What’s certainly been displayed since last year’s All-Star Game and in many moments last night, Kyrie shows the ball on dribble moves and lay-ups to sort of freeze and tease the defender. He’s a master at this and I have yet to really see a play where that backfires. It definitely didn’t last night and it resulted in highlight after highlight en route to his season-high 37 points.

The video above does it justice as it’s every one of his plays pasted one after another, including the beautiful lefty lay-up off the glass and over Amar’e Stoudemire that effectively sealed the game for the Cavs.

Here’s a couple in Vine form below: