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Lecrae “Welcome To America”

Lecrae’s Anomaly has reached its next level of post-promotion as Lecrae drops a powerful video for the tri-perspective “Welcome To America” and also performs “All I Need Is You” on GMA. If you need a break from Kendrick’s lyrics this month, revisit Lecrae’s album. Both of these videos should reel ya in.

“‘Welcome to America’ is a special song because I think everyone has a unique perspective on America,” Lecrae explained to MTV. “I wrote the song from three different perspectives, so there’s three different people who have different perspectives of what America is.”

“You’ve got a guy who’s from one community, another guy from a completely different community and then you’ve got a person who’s not from America and [it’s] their perspective on what America is. Everyone sees it differently, through different lenses, and it makes us stake a step back and look at ourselves.”


Lecrae “Welcome To America” on Fallon

Rounding out the week on Jimmy Fallon was Lecrae, as he made his second appearance on the show performing one of my favorites from Anomaly — “Welcome To America”.

What a powerful song to perform on a national stage like this. Can only imagine the casual viewer’s reaction. The grand U.S. flag gracing the background drives home the lyrics even more, on top of Lecrae’s flawless delivery himself. One of the coldest beats off the album too and that translates on TV also. Watch above ICYMI and you won’t be disappointed.

3 Grammy nods for Lecrae, by the way. Let’s see if he cashes in next month.

Lecrae “Say I Won’t” f/ Andy Mineo

Lecrae spreads more positivity off Anamoly with this new video for “Say I Won’t” about being yourself. His words carry a little more weight with the star of the video, as you’ll see…

As premiered at tonight’s Heat-Nets game during halftime. Hey, that tops pretty much any halftime entertainment except for the woman who would flip those bowls on top of her head. You’re nodding if you’ve seen it…

Lecrae opens up about being molested

In an engaging, revealing sit-down with Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning, Lecrae revealed a shocking story of being molested as a child. That takes some bravery to admit in the macho rap world, but Lecrae’s never quite fit the stereotype anyway. He also talks openly about his Christian beliefs in addition to the great success of his new #1 album, Anomaly. Even stay tuned for a freestyle above.

ICYMI: Lecrae’s ‘Anomaly’ VSCO Journal