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Sub Chroma: Lefty’s Solo Exhibition

The young, up and coming art scene in Chicago is on point, as to be expected.  The other night we had the opportunity to check out Lefty’s work at his solo exhibition, Sub Chroma produced by Canvas Chicago. Upon entering the venue guests were immediately transformed into actual walking canvases, wearing all white for the evenings’ art to be cast on. Live artwork, hung pieces, and installations of painted female manikins surrounded the gallery space.

Jacob, Heather, Ty, Lucy, and Maks G
Jacob, Heather, Lucy, Nico, and Maks G

Forecasting Lefty’s event, it was said that:

It will be deep and intense, but still fascinating and approachable. It will have the feeling of a chemical reaction before it explodes. A voice in your head will tell you that something is about to happen.

Theatrical music performances and DJ sets by DRMBT, Cofresi, Acidtot, Anleu, Jacob Bjorge, and Buhay beautifully brought to life the graphic visual artwork projected on the walls of the space.  The outdoor patio featured an extension of what was viewed inside with a dome installation crafted by Synergeo Domes. The night simply oozed with talent, artists of all mediums made an appearance. The most eye-catching artists of the night were: Jacob, Lucy, and Nico festively wearing head-to-toe white: hair, lips, eyebrows, fishnet tights, fur, pumps, shear pants and more.

Jacob, Lucy, Nico
Jacob, Lucy, Nico

This was truly an evening to become a work of art.  Be sure to check out the gallery above and time-laspe video below (captured by Jasmine) for an inside look at the show.