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UNIFY Global Meditation at Lightning In A Bottle

Unify.org held an incredible global meditation experience at this year’s Lightning In A Bottle festival. Our synchronized intention was to visualize all the water reservoirs of California and the entire world being abundantly filled for the greatest good of all. Thousands gathered physically, and hundreds of thousands globally as we became one with water through the power of our self love. It was a beautiful ceremony as our powerful intentions rippled through the world creating physical changes in our collective consciousness.

Sign up to participate in future global meditations at:

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Lightening in a Bottle – Review

Our 1st festival in California: Lightening in a Bottle was a success!! It turned out to be our favorite festival to date. Located in Bradley, CA — lasting 4 days, curated by a team of artistic innovators who showcase work yearly at Coachella’s Renegade stage and also the creators of Burning Man in Nevada. (see our gallery up top for an inside look at our experience)

Lightening in a Bottle 5.30.15
Lightening in a Bottle 5.30.15

Yoga, art installations, tea rooms, sound baths, cooking classes, health conscious workshops, fire breathers, burlesque + aerial trapeze, and musical performances are just a small list of what this festival had to offer. As for the music this year’s headliners included Flume (first US show as a headliner), RL Grime, SBTRKT, and ODESZA.

My favorite performance of the weekend was the Lucent Dossier Experience — taking the audience on a whimsical visual adventure. Their set was a sequence of mini skits set to music. There was fire, clowns, aerial acrobatics, puppetry, provocative love stories and break dancing.

For a glimpse of what we experienced check out their sizzle reel below:

It was incredibly refreshing to be surrounded around such an intuitive, eco and social conscious group — embracing raw, creative and authentic self expression (this year’s attendance reached 20,000). The festival grounds featured 3 stages, and an abundance of themed villages; teepees, bright colored ribbons, rustic woodlands, cozy poufs/pillows/rugs laid out on the ground, and floating tea pots are just a couple of the spacial elements transforming what was a barren national park into an mystical kaleidoscope of exploration.



50+ artists were featured. Every corner of the festival grounds was carefully planned to feature unique art at every turn whether previously created or being created right before your eyes through an array of mediums.


*Festival perks
– Relaxation sessions
– FREE H20 everywhere
– Healthy, all natural bites: from burgers to tacos, acai bowls, fresh pressed juices, breakfast burritos…


*Fun fact: After 9 years of friendship New Belgium + the LIB team collaborated to create a new beer making it’s debut at this year’s festival “Lightening in a Bottle, Berliner Weiss”

a beer to inspire all to gather, dance and celebrate while soaking in the sun

Can’t wait to check out what the Do LaB does next, chances are we’ll be there 🙂

Maks G + Heather
Maks G + Heather