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Chiraq Documentary (Ep. 1)

Noisey releases part 1 of their eight-part documentary series simply titled ‘Chiraq’. I’m lookin’ foward to sitting with this one today with an open mind, but guys, I’m really tired of this ‘Chiraq’ label. We’re just attracting more of a negative light and an odd sense of bravado about the violence in our city by promoting this label. Who’s with me on this?

In the first part of Noisey’s 8-part documentary Chiraq, we head to Englewood, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city of Chicago, to meet Chief Keef, arguably one of the biggest rappers in the drill scene. Unfortunately at the time, Chief was facing legal trouble, so we instead found Young Chop, a producer credited with shaping drill music, and he gives us an overview of the scene. Later, fellow 3Hunna members Lil Durk and Lil Reese expand on Chop’s thoughts, and we learn extensively about the violence surrounding the area, and the social and cultural challenges the city faces.