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Kanye to perform 4 nights in Paris

Paris, catch the Louis Vuitton Don at the Foundation Louis Vuitton for a special Paris Fashion Week residency across 4 nights this week.

Rest of the internet, catch the videos of said performances up here as they happen. Hopefully we’ll hear some more versions of the new songs (and even more debuts..?)

Kanye West & Lorde at Paris Fashion Week today
Kanye West & Lorde at Paris Fashion Week today

XOV ‘Lucifer EP’

I am just now catching wind of new Swedish singer XOV but as you know, it’s never too late to find good new music.

XOV hails from Sweden and delivers a booming style of dark pop on his debut EP, Lucifer. Across the 6 tracks, you’ll hear his powerful range over some dark, even 80s pop/R&B sounds. The moods are slow and the lyrics contain various metaphors or positive affirmations. The combo works well equally; after all, if one out-shined the other, I wouldn’t be vibing with the EP as much.

Stream the quick-hitting 6 track project which actually features 2 versions of the title track “Lucifer” below. The debut single “Boys Don’t Cry” also has an accompanying music video that perhaps you’ll want to peep to get a first visual impression of the upcoming Swede artist. Everything is black and white, including his website and instagram where he also designs and takes some pretty incredible photos.

The other couple big looks on XOV was his placement on the recent Hunger Games soundtrack with “Animal” — one of my favorite singles in his catalogue that’s also not on the EP (but below for ya.) Ironically, I probably like the other 3 tracks the most though: “Chaos”, “Blood Honey”, and “Paradise”. Check out everything below from an artist who was discovered by none other than Lorde (the other big look I alluded to) and I’m looking forward to the debut album from XOV that he is currently recording in L.A.