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Kanye West on Billboard Power 100 cover

Kanye West is, naturally, a part of a powerful trio on the cover of Billboard’s annual Power 100 issue, dedicated to the most profitable and, well, powerful people in the music industry. Lucian Grainge, the Chairman/CEO of Universal Music Group, and one of ‘Ye’s favorite artists Lana Del Rey join him on the cover.

The execs who rule music now? Just follow the money, where new No. 1 Lucian Grainge keeps grabbing market share (while upending every business model), 31 first-timers break into the list and innovation — not fear — is now the force propelling these players forward.

Here is the full list of the execs and big-name industry heads you should get to know.

Lucian Grainge, Lana Del Rey, & Kanye West

Meanwhile, Kanye cryptically tweeted a link to yeezy.supply earlier today and it indicates a countdown culminating on February 12th — the reported release date, revealed yesterday, of his adidas collection. adidas also released a sign up for instant news to the collection over at adidas.com/us/kanye.

So yeah, it’s going to be a busy week for Mr. West starting on Sunday at the Grammys.