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Boaz f/ Mac Miller “Don’t Know”

If you don’t know, now ya know… Rostrum Records’ Boaz has a new album on the way, Intuition, dropping next Tuesday and this is one of the biggest collabs he’s got lined up for it featuring former labelmate Mac Miller. The two have a bunch of 1-liners on this funky, jazzy production (by Alan of the Music Makerz) and this one’s for anyone in that feel-good, puff your chest out type of mood.

M. Stacks Interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Ah yes! A lovely visit from producer M.Stacks to the Chi. Luckily, we both made time to linger around the city and have a sit down before his show with Boldy James. The weather was in perfect form to talk about the music industry (sunny and windy, of course).

During our casual interview after breakfast, we talked about the big name artists he produces for. These artists include Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Curren$y, Mac Miller, Naledge, Chicago’s very own GLC and many more. What an lifestyle that is. Being able to work for so many talented rappers must be ridiculous. I would say that’s pretty awesome! M. Stacks also talks about starting young, social media, his big influence (you’ll never guess), and more.

His upcoming work of art #CONNECTEDEVERYWHERE2 is being released on July 13th! It includes plenty of your favorite artists, no need to worry. Keep a look out for it. It’s going to be crazy.

Special thanks to Mr. Brown for linking us up and Govia Radio for the camera work!

Enjoy the interview, friends! And don’t forget…Gowhere You Love.