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ILOVEMAKONNEN attacked In New York

Whoa! Crazy scene from Makonnen’s debut NYC performance at SOBs. A fan reached out to shake his hand from the front row during his performance of hit single “Tuesday” (of which the video dropped the other nite) and he ended up pulling down Makonnen from the stage and throwing a punch. Fortunately, Makonnen’s entourage was quick to surround him and the scuttle was quickly settled. Makonnen then proceeded to perform his new single “I Don’t Sell Molly No More” (below).

ILOVEMAKONNEN f/ Drake “Tuesday (Remix)”

The video’s going upppp… just in time for Tuesday.

Makonnen & Drake were undoubtedly going to drop a visual for their summer club smash and the world’s intro to the new OVO singer. The video features a cool dim-lit club scene, naturally, with some outdoor L.A. visuals mixed in with cinematic pans of other beautiful international cities (think Rio & Sydney). Though I haven’t ate this one up like the masses, there’s still that feel-good vibe that comes with “Tuesday” and the video matches that. OVO’s Majid Jordan & OB OBrien also cameo.

BONUS: Drake related. Him and Kevin Hart hilariously jabbed back and forth on Instagram today in the fallout of the loudest airball of 2014. I gotchu below.

Drake’s response:

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 8.31.28 PM

ICYMI: Drake’s “How About Now” leak is taken down.

Ludacris “Tuesday (Remix)”

Up next on Luda’s docket — his verse for “Tuesday”. But wait, it’s Thursday?

I still can’t get into the original like you all though. Hope to hear more though from Makonnen to see if something vibes a little more.

Note: Since it’s #TBT, I used that old photo of Luda up top. Down below is the first photo that you get from Google if you type in “ludacris club”. I feel like that’s fitting for this song too.