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Malik Yusef talks first Kanye x Common collab

Saving the best for last tonight: Malik Yusef sat down with Beats by Dre in their headquarters for a fascinating interview/story about the first time Kanye West and Common appeared together on a record.

It was for Malik’s “Wouldn’t You Like To Ride” that was featured on the Coach Carter soundtrack (ahh, good high school memories) and the story behind it will make ‘Ye fans blush. Kanye was bold and self-confident in selling the beat to Malik and the final product is a feel-good Chicago jam still today (along with these visuals.)

Flat out, this is a quick, must-see interview above.

Common, Malik Yusef “Trouble In The Water”

I dig new music inspired by and created from a platform to help a major cause. One that goes under the radar is climate change and HOME is a project set to crossover into music and help spread awareness.

Common and Malik Yusef rep the Chi, along with Kumasi, Aaron Fresh, Choklate & Laci Kay for this hip hop/rock fusion called “Trouble In The Water”. Common’s verse kicks it off and is another slick one for his catalogue and probably the brightest highlight of the track if I had to pick one. Give this a listen below with a full-length album dropping December 2nd, prefaced by a HOME EP on November 18th.

Malik Yusef f/ Kanye West & Common “Wouldn’t You Like To Ride”

This week, I re-discovered some gems from my old tumblr that I haven’t updated since 2012. Among them was one of my first posts about 4 years ago (a fun re-read too), blogging about this feel-good, soulful Chicago classic: Malik Yusef f/ Kanye West & Common “Wouldn’t You Like To Ride”.

It’s vintage everybody with a common denominator: the wordplay is ill. Kanye rhymes first with this being an example of his clever College Dropout style flow:

Ooh you so bougie boo you could have fooled me
Cuz five years ago you was so Fugees

– Kanye West

The “So why don’t you and your friends get with me and my friends” sample is so smooth and instantly inspiring for a cruise down Lake Shore with the windows down. Or maybe if we had a limo like ‘Ye, Yusef, and Com. Malik’s second verse contains a now-vintage reference to A Beautiful Mind and keeps the good vibes coming.

Never a pretty boy, always a beautiful mind like Russell Crowe
Now you in places no cabs’ll take you, only the bus’ll go

– Malik Yusef

After a humorous skit, Common’s verse picks the track up again, and you guessed it, he does his thing too, even shouting out the hometown mall:

Deep as the ocean is the motion of life
Thought you would have been the sister I chose for my wife
Not knowin’ you was trife
Stiflin’ a nigga’s growth
All you wanna do is shop at River Oaks

– Common

And if you weren’t ready to press play already, you’ll most certainly enjoy the animated parts of the visuals — depicting the Chi culture in a lovable, crude, yet beautiful fashion. Enjoy this one in contrast to Malik and Common’s most recent collab: the fire title track to the latter’s new album, Nobody’s Smiling. Enjoy! #OldSchoolSundays

*Tibs Fav.