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Grizzlies-Spurs Clutch Highlights

Last night we were treated to the game of the year for the young season.

And this one might hold up the whole way.

The Memphis Grizzlies traveled to San Antonio, one night after ending the Golden State Warriors’ 16 game winning streak, and the teams battled through regulation and THREE overtimes!

Above are the full, clutch highlights. A gem of an edit from the NBA, piecing together all of the dramatic shots and buzzer beaters from each phase of the game. I won’t spoil it because I can imagine the first time viewer will have an excellent experience watching it unfold for themselves.

If that’s you… stop scrolling, stop reading and watch above! Wow. What a game.

Eye for an eye
Eye for an eye

2014 NBA Champions: San Antonio Spurs

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give the 2014 NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs a tribute post here on Gowhere. This was probably the most in-depth I’ve ever followed the league as a whole, beginning here on Gowhere with a pre-season preview (that’s a fun re-read), a pre-Playoffs preview, 1st Round recapand NBA Finals preview (these all contain music btw… humor me and click at least one :D). My point being: the San Antonio Spurs clinching The Finals last night, redeeming their heartbreaking loss to last year’s Heat, was as satisfying an ending to a great season for me personally, save for Derrick Rose hoisting the NBA Title in Chicago.

I feel what drew any casual NBA fan to this year’s Spurs was a combination of traits to be admired. For one, the aforementioned narrative of redemption and letting go of past, heartbreaking events to triumph above and achieve one’s goals. Secondly, the Spurs were the consummate team. The dream team for basketball purists: a team that relies on no superstars, plays team defense, and is the best passing team on offense (averaging 3.0 passes per play in the last 3 games in The Finals, for instance.) One of the many fun stats that is further gratifying: “In what may be a testament to the Spurs team philosophy, Tony Parker led the team in scoring this postseason with just 17.4 points per game. According to Elias, that’s the fewest playoff points per game by a championship team’s leading scorer in the shot-clock era (since 1954-55).” You get the point, I can go on. But lastly, it’s the much-talked about and easily-seen class of the organization from top to bottom. The ownership, Coach Pop, and Tim Duncan exude humility and respect that they are known for around the league as much as winning championships 15 (!) years apart. All of this was on full display during the Spurs’ joyous post-game trophy presentation when Pop and chairman Peter Holt took to the background while the team mobbed Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard and Manu Ginobili was left near-speechless describing his “true team”.

So without further ado, enjoy some of the visuals that the end of the season brings… images all parts epic, elation, and hilarious below and if you hadn’t press play already above: an amazing unofficial NBA Playoffs Recap video that is better than any official one to drop in the future. Approximately 4.5 months until the start of the next NBA Regular Season. *nods head*

BONUS: Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard: Winning NBA Title on Father’s Day has ‘special meaning’








(not from last night, but… clearly I need no explanation)

Manu Ginobili clutch 3 animated

The biggest clutch shot of last night’s Game 6 Spurs-Thunder thriller was Manu Ginobili‘s go-ahead 3 with 27 seconds left to give the Spurs a 1-point lead in regulation. Without that, the Thunder would have likely hit free throws to force a game 7. But as it played out, Manu took advantage of a (moving) screen from Tim Duncan and drained a cold three pointer followed up by a cold celebration with each other. All of what’s described above is animated in ESPN’s new Patrick Truby-esque artistic outputs of big plays in the Playoffs.

The Vine was created by Richard Swarbrick with music by The Empathy Test (this song sounds good… gonna look it up). Very cool.