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Bobby Shmurda x Michael Jackson “Hot N**** (DJ Deathpool Remix)”

DJ Deathpool might possibly have the mix of the year as he fused one of the bangers of the year with Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N****” and a Michael Jackson classic “They Don’t Care Bout Us” to illustrate through Hip-Hop frustrations with what has transpired in recent events in black communities facing brutality. Visuals below.



Michael Jackson “A Place With No Name”

The second video to impact from MJ’s summer posthumous album, Xscape, is for the storytelling “Place With No Name”. The melody of the chorus reeled me in initially back in May and soon after, the rest of the song’s elements did too making it one of my top-tier faves off Xscape. The video mixes in vintage behind-the-scenes dance footage of an early 90s MJ with a choreographed man and woman giving life to the story. The black and white transition to color is one of the many effects added that contribute to the modern feeling of the video. I enjoyed it and feel it does honor MJ’s legacy, so give it a look-see above.

*Tibs Fav.

More Michael Jackson albums coming

Looks like we won’t be able to Xscape more Michael Jackson posthumous albums.

See what I did there?

After last month’s Xscape topping only at #2, plans for Michael Jackson albums are still ahead. Reports RollingStone: “…and that’s just the beginning of its ambitious plans for his career, which could include as many as eight more albums culled from outtakes and repackaged material.

Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins adds there’s “more surprises coming”. Do you think the MJ Estate is doing a disservice by releasing all sorts of unreleased material? I think there’s got to be a balance – eight albums sounds like way too much, but I admit, I’m not at that line yet of saying ‘no’ to more Michael Jackson music. And that’s a testament to Xscape being a fun, solidly executed, nostalgic ride from beginning to end.

Michael Jackson “Billie Jean” Talent Show

In high school, I would enjoy our pep rallies from the bleachers, wishing I could be a part of our football team running out to the court, going to State or that I was one of the cool kids who knew how to break dance to hip hop songs. So basically, I’m living vicariously through this guy.

In a viral video that’s garnered over 7 million views in one day, this high schooler put on an amazing, flawless dance homage of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”. The moves are nearly identical to the legendary MJ at Motown in ’83.

Just stay tuned through the moonwalk (in both cases). The high schooler starts at 1:15. Just imagine if the production value was even more pro… and if the fellow high school students were on their feet. I would have been on my feet after the intro. At least the kid won the talent show. Pretty fun to watch on this fun Friday on Gowhere.

MJ & JT “Love Never Felt So Good”

One day after the release of Xscape comes the new official video for Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake‘s collab “Love Never Felt So Good”. The feel-good, nostalgic single keeps growing on me and provides a new heartwarming feeling with the MJ dance tribute above. The entire video splices in classic dance moves from Michael, then emulated by Justin and a variety of fans of different ages, sizes, and styles. If this video doesn’t make you want to get up and dance, well, then I guess you’re not a dancer? It’s a fun one, enjoy!

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