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Lupe Fiasco interviews Hebru Brantley

Catching up on the new cover story/interview of one of my favorite local publications, Michigan Avenue Magazine, as none other than Hebru Brantley gets the premier coverage.

And not only that! Lupe Fiasco puts on his journalism cap and conducts the interview. The two have long been fans of each other as well as collaborators so it was a natural fit where Hebru opened up about his proudest, and quite personal, moment. The excerpt is below and I loved the entire interview, including Hebru explaining to Lupe how he created Fly Boy, seen here.


WJ: What is your proudest moment?
HB: This one’s tough because, again, you obviously have moments like your child’s birth, marriage, whatever, but this one pertains to my career. This is what I got for you. Right before my father passed—my father was a businessman, my father was… everything was black or white. It wasn’t gray; it wasn’t a color in between. So he was my last living parent, and he was also the parent that wasn’t supportive of my career choice. For him to be on his deathbed, to tell me he’s proud of me, to sit and talk with me about my art and the fact that he had paid attention to certain pieces, certain decisions I had made… He basically told me in so many words that he was in awe of the talent that I had because he didn’t know where the hell it came from. It definitely didn’t come from him—these are his words. For me that’s a huge accomplishment because that was a huge struggle in my career, in my path, in my life. So to get to that point, I got my father who loved me all the same because I was his son, but I got my father to believe. That’s it.

Radioooo (Dilla’s Last Song), 2014.
Radioooo (Dilla’s Last Song), 2014.