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Mick Jenkins “Martyrs”

Out of the remnants of a generation of hopelessness comes Mick Jenkins, a Chicagoan emcee with consciousness, conviction and a grasp of lyrical prophecy that he displays in his latest visual, “Martyrs“. The OnGaud production plays to the strength of Mick in captivating the imagination of the listeners through the notion of becoming a slave to society and an industry that only damages youth. The visual creates a sense of hopelessness for music that doesn’t provide much needed content for a plagued generation that is fed lies and deceit. Mick adds on to his narrative of being a martyr by including clips of an interview of James Broadnax, an individual that became a poster boy for violence and merciless upon his victims. As for Mick’s upcoming project The Water[s], it is slated to release early 2014.