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Kanye West f/ Paul McCartney “Only One”

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Happy New Year!

What better way to kick off 2015 than with a surprise new release from Kanye West.

“Only One” is instantly one of ‘Ye’s most emotional records to date as he sings in the perspective of his late mother Donda, speaking to Kanye from heaven about how proud she is. The song evolves as a dedication to Kanye’s daughter Nori, as you may also deduct from the cover art.

The soothing instrumental is courtesy of Mike Dean and Paul McCartney (you know, from The Beatles) as McCartney’s feature is the beautiful piano solo spanning the last fourth of the record. Before that lies the main takeaway though as West artfully paints a picture of his proud mother with his lyrics creating vivid, touching imagery.

UPDATE: Some sites report Mike Dean as one of the producers, and iTunes lists Kirby Lauryen, who is an additional writer on the track. Ty Dolla $ign reportedly contributes background vocals.

“Only One” is certainly a change of pace from Yeezus and more along the vein of Kanye’s first two albums (a sound that longtime fans have been clamoring for.) It’s remained to be seen if more of Kanye’s new music will follow the same tone and sound, but no matter the result, how can you not appreciate “Only One”?

So again, what better, and also… beautiful way to kick off 2015.

*Tibs Fav.

Photo: Inez and Vinoodh
Photo: Inez and Vinoodh


Try This: Alternate “Hey Mama” in between your next listen of “Only One”.


Kanye West “God Level” [Preview]

Kanye West “God Level”.

The newest song from ‘Ye, produced by 88 Keys, Kanye West, Hudson Mohawke, Mike Dean & Noah Goldstein, and now previewed and premiered in the new adidas commercial for the World Cup. ‘The Dream: All In or Nothing’ is the title of the campaign and “God Level” gets turned up behind scenes of Messi, Alves, Suarez, and Ozil doin’ their thing.

The production is fast and furious — an extension of Yeezus‘ aggressive sound. You don’t really hear any verses from ‘Ye but I do feel the monumental feeling of the record when ‘Ye spits “God Level.” Get your first glimpse above as ‘Ye himself is in Florence, Italy set to marry Kim K today.

Kanye West on Seth Meyers

I’m in the process of breaking down walls that people will understand 10, 20 years from now.

Kanye just wrapped up his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers (happy for one of my favorite SNL comedians — this is his 2nd night with the new late nite gig) and ‘Ye was the night’s first guest and of course, the musical guest. Above, after a pretty sleek Yeezus Tour video package, ‘Ye talks to Seth about the tour, how he approaches fashion and music “everything in the world is the same thing.”, a little College Dropout 10 year anniversary talk, being a dad, and even an old SNL sketch (hilarious. Did that air?)

To conclude the show, Kanye performed. And going into it, I was like, wait, what is he going to do this time? I couldn’t imagine another performance of “Bound” or “Black Skinhead”, and neither could ‘Ye. In fact, he took us through an entire journey of his discography. One song from each album (save for Watch The Throne) beginning with “Jesus Walks” and ending with “Black Skinhead”. Of course, these were abbreviated versions of all the songs, and its pace was an exciting blend of an iconic song from each album that I tweeted at the time was on point. I especially enjoyed “Jesus Walks” to “Touch The Sky” to “Stronger” to “Heartless”. Classics, yes. Blended together superbly, yes. He continued with “All of the Lights” (the blemish of the performance… ‘Ye was a little off-key), “Mercy”, and finally the aforementioned “Black Skinhead”.

4 highlights: the strobe light in “Stronger” combined with a standing still West (with Mike Dean and Mano in the background), the last autotuned belting of “Heartless” (amazing), the GIF-friendly silhouettes in “Black Skinhead”, and last but definitely not least: the #KanyeMicStandToss. Watch above and below and enjoy!


ICYMI: “Drunk In Love” remixes

The new hot song to remix: “Drunk In Love”. And that’s no debate after the likes of Kanye West, T.I., and The Weeknd all flipped it this weekend. On top of that, each version has a new beat in addition to the new verses from each. ‘Ye worked with Mike Dean on what’s being billed as the official remix; T.I. went the EDM route and it surprisingly worked, and The Weeknd added his usual dark aesthetic for his. All worthy rotation adds below, ICYMI.

Kanye West official remix: