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Mike Posner premieres 3 new tracks live

Great to see Mike Posner back with some all-new solo material.

And Posner rolled out 3 new songs in a fresh fashion as he performed them live for a YouTube stream (and now above) with just him, a piano, and a guitar.

For the first 2 songs, “Buried In Detroit” and “Iris”, Mike softly played the keys while harmonizing on his personal life. In fact, that’s the theme of all 3 of these songs. We get a more honest, nothing off limits Posner who even says just that in prefacing the 3rd and final song, “I Took a Pill in Ibiza”.

This one is my early favorite of the 3, though it had an edge already because I heard Posner perform this on his mini-tour this time, last year. (Maks G’s photo review is a must-read if you’re here.) What’s coolest about this record though is the journey from beginning to end, lyrically. I just love how it naturally progresses as the song certainly backs up the quick premise that Posner gave before playing it on the guitar. Ladies, you’ll especially love the emotion that comes across through Mike up above and fellas, that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the content as well. You can really tell this is 100% true to Mike’s self and coming from his heart. Give it a quick 15 minute run, even if it’s audio only in the background.

Naturally, we’re lookin’ forward to what happens here with Posner’s next release.

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Clinton Sparks f/ T.I. “UV Love”

Clinton Sparks, the DJ/producer, is prime to release his first solo EP, ICONoclast, that’ll find him singing and that he does on this catchy new summer track “UV Love”. He calls upon his close collaborator T.I. for the slick third verse that you’d guess right, matches the lady-centric track. Mike Posner cameos in the entertaining and silly video above so enjoy this light-hearted, feel-good record above.

Mike Posner & Vic Mensa in the studio

Mike Posner revealed on Twitter that he and Vic Mensa are starting a band named after the greatest place on earth: Chuck E. Cheese.


I can see both artists’ styles clashing naturally and we’re no doubt looking forward to the final product here at Gowhere.

ICYMI earlier today, read Maks G’s review and introspective look at Mike Posner’s journey, as revealed in his Unplugged Tour. He even curated a Mike Posner playlist for you all to vibe to along the way. #RelateLoveInspire

Mike Posner Unplugged Tour: Chicago [Review]

After watching the show it was clear that Mike Posner is in the midst of a personal transformation both internally and musically — One that you can date back from before he even started making music.

He openly talked about struggling with depression throughout his life, and revealed that “Save Your Goodbye” off the first album was about depression, and not a girl like most thought. He explains that even after making it as an artist, having his songs on the radio, and making lots of money — there were still feelings of un-fulfillment left lurking within him. Therefore save your goodbye to depression, because something from the unconscious keeps bringing it back.

Mike Posner “Save Your Goodbye”

Mike’s early career had a strong focus on making it as an artist, and his early songs channeled a more dorm room college party vibe. There was a clear vision of ‘I can make my dreams a reality’, especially after his Detroit homie Big Sean got signed to G.O.O.D. Music.

Before he started singing as late as age 20, there were plenty of obstacles Mike had to overcome until solidifying the conviction within himself that he can achieve his dreams. In this interview Mike talks about how no one believed in him, no one wanted to buy his beats, and all doors he actively sought to open were closed in his face. This kind of external rejection can stop you dead in your tracks, unless your inner vision is strong enough to keep the dream alive.

Mike Posner “Started From The Bottom” (Remix) ft. Asher Roth, T Mills, Chuck Inglish, King Chip

So with no one to depend on but himself, he started from the bottom and overcame the challenges that took him to the top — by creating out of love. He was in a creative G Spot while making that music in college, because he was doing it out of the love of self expression. There was no where to go but up, and there was no pressure to make a certain kind of music. He was making music that sounded good to him, over his own beats that no one wanted. He had nothing to lose, no one to help him, and a clear creative focus on achieving his dreams a.k.a. turning the pages from his notebook into real life.

But after achieving all his dreams, and now living them — it seemed that the depression he saved his goodbye for had come back. ’31 Minutes To Takeoff’ definitely had that vibe where Mike was working through new inhibitions that his unconscious was ready to confront him with. Now that there were no more burning accomplishments left to drive him, it was much easier to see what was left to be transformed within. Mike is already such a positive ray of sunshine that it may not seem like he has any demons, but if your happiness is dependent on your goals, your accomplishments, and your material possessions — then what are you going to do if all that is taken away or forgotten? Where will your happiness and stability come from?

mike posner unplugged chicago-2
Photo Credit: Maks G [GWHH]


These are the new types of challenges Mike seemed to be facing in order to reinvent himself as the more authentic Self he was discovering himself to be. He was no longer college Mike trying to make it big, and at the same time not totally sure what he was becoming nor where to take it. His debut album seemed to express some of these feelings, and was part of the process of his reinvention into the artist I believe we will see on his upcoming sophomore album ‘Pages’ – due this Fall of 2014.

After watching the Unplugged Tour at Schubas Tavern in Chicago, and hearing a few of the potential new records from ‘Pages’, I feel that Mike has begun to answer that question of where his inner stability and happiness comes from, with the record “My Light”.

Mike Posner “My Light”

“My Light” talks about happiness coming from within yourself, and not anything outside of you. I believe that we give meaning to our circumstances, and it’s through the meaning we give that’ll determine the outcome we’ll get back. Stability comes from knowing that the power is always in your hands — even if the circumstances look very negative, you always have the power to give them a positive meaning. That way you can always be at peace inside yourself regardless of what is happening in your outer world. That is the power of you, your light, and my light!

‘Pages’ is exciting to me because it will echo many of Mike’s newly discovered truths from his life’s notebook, and share them with the world in an unfiltered and poetic kind of way expressing his reinvented self.

Some themes that I’ve noticed at the show of this newly defined self I speak of is: a stronger desire to help others, gratitude for all of life’s experiences, an honest look at his own fears, and most importantly his inspirational motto of Love, Relate, and Inspire.

love relate inspire

To further elaborate, Mike has teamed up with the Food Bank for New York City, and vowed to donate a meal to a child in need for every album sold. He wants his music to help people not only feed their souls, but their stomachs as well.

Throughout the tour he talks about how grateful he is to each individual city and his fans there, even writing a personal letter expressing that gratitude on twitter. During the unplugged set, he also talked about gratitude for his family, his friends, and even his challenging disbelievers.

There was even an elegant 3-verse spoken word poem called “Gratitude” that he performed dedicated to his teacher Mr. Z for telling him he ain’t shit, to his Uncle Fred who believed in him, and to his Dad who inspired him. He said he was grateful for every experience that shaped him to be the person he is today.

Mike Posner “Gratitude Poem for Mom”

And while being grateful, he also performed songs that revealed some of his own fears that he’s still working on overcoming and letting go like in the records “Sad Songs” and “It’s Not That Simple” below.

Mike Posner “Sad Songs”

Mike Posner “It’s Not That Simple”

But throughout the whole performance he most highlighted his new motto, and most likely the motto for this new album and reinvented self: Love, Relate, Inspire. That was the general theme of the night, which was emphasized by his incredible talent to perform with dynamic vocal ranges, comedic commentary with the audience, real ass moments of truth, and a hype party sendoff to close the night.

So in the end Mike may not have everything all figured out, but being a longtime fan since the beginning of his music career, I know I’m excited to see how he’ll end up expressing and reinventing himself next on the upcoming album ‘Pages’ and beyond!

Mike himself said it best that night though “I still haven’t found where I belong, but I can write one hell of a song!”

True that Mike. True.

maks mike tibs throwback
2009 Throwback with Maks G, Mike Posner, & Sgt. Tibs