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Kyle Korver’s Misogi Workout

In my daily circumvent of new NBA columns to read, Grantland’s Zach Lowe is a frequent stop. Today, he pushed his followers in the direction of Kyle Korver‘s radical offseason ritual — a “One-Day-a-Year Fitness Plan” as described by writer Charles Bethea for Outside Mag.

Bethea provides a fascinating long-form, first-hand account of joining Korver and his crew during the off-season for their 2nd annual “misogi”.

What is a misogi?

The term, detailed historically and by Korver and sports scientist Marcus Elliott in the piece, essentially is about pushing the limit of your physical and mental capability to teach a lesson about your potential. An excerpt:

Elliott gradually honed his own version of misogi, which would require completing only once or twice a year. “If it’s hard enough,” he believes, “the lesson will last.”

“This is about testing your abilities in a foreign environment,” he says. “The more blind, the more bold and adventurous the effort.” There’s no entry fee. No spectators. “It’s not a ride at Disneyland or a Tough Mudder,” he says. “It’s a personal quest designed by you. And it’s really fucking hard. You have a 50 percent chance of success, at best.” Regardless of the outcome—the thinking goes—you’ll realize your potential.

This offseason’s “misogi” was to carry an 85 lb. rock completely submerged on top of an ocean floor… for distance.


The detailed account by Bethea illustrates clearly his struggle and triumph undergoing the “misogi” with Korver and the group. It’s a well-written and inspiring read where you felt like you were alongside on their journey (all the way til the last sentence…). If you give it a look, maybe you’ll feel that extra energy to tackle the day and perhaps even start to craft your own misogi.

Now to do my 100 sit-ups for the day. Or, I dunno, I could prolly do 125 now 🙂

Here’s the full article.