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Lupe Fiasco talks with Katie Couric

It’s not often that Katie Couric interviews rappers, but when she does, you know it’s big-time. The latest to sit-down with her (after memorable interviews with the likes of Lil Wayne, Drake, and 50 Cent) is Lupe Fiasco with the #Mission the main topic at hand.

Lupe discusses cancer, his personal relationship with it and the inspiration to create “Mission”, while Couric’s report wonderfully splices in snippets and lyrics from the new single (and Lupe’s entire discography, really). Lu also talks controversy – namely the lost sponsorships and immediate blackballing that took place after he called President Obama a terrorist in 2011. If you don’t know, now ya know… Lupe took the amount of flak he described to Couric but says he has no regrets.

The already fascinating interview took another turn upwards towards the end as Lupe was able to gain a testimonial from Katie Couric herself, who lost her husband and sister to cancer, that will be used on his newly announced remix of “Mission”, cleverly entitled with a double meaning: “Re-Mission”. Watch above and read Katie Couric’s Yahoo blog on the experience above.


But wait, there’s more Lupe news to pass along. For one, he answered some Tetsuo & Youth questions on Twitter and his new interview with Al Lindstrom this week. The notables (via LUPend):

– Artists only get paid for 11 songs on an album, so Tetsuo & Youth will have 12 tracks instead of the 17 initially reported.

– Skulls will be entirely produced by Soundtrakk.

– His favorite track off Tetsuo & Youth is called Adoration Of The Magi.

– “Old School Love” will NOT be on Tetsuo & Youth and Future is featured on the album.

– Finally, Lupe announced on Twitter that he has one week left to make a collaboration happen with any one artist. The artist with the most votes is what Lupe is going to try for and currently, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, and Chance The Rapper lead in that order.

Lastly, we couldn’t let the post conclude without some new rhymes. Here’s Lupe’s latest freestyle with Al Lindstrom on Shade45.

ICYMI: Lupe Fiasco’s “top 10” freestyle on Sway


Lupe Fiasco “Mission”

Lupe ushers in the return of #TetsuoSeason a few hours early as he releases the new single off Tetsuo & Youth — “Mission” — below.

Given the song and artwork (by Hebru Brantley), I was definitely expecting something with substance and per usual, Lu delivers. This one’s about a different topic, though — cancer, and the perseverance and positive attitude to overcome it. You flat out can’t knock that and Lupe’s fast flow and slick lyricism are the clear highlight. The uncredited singer on the hook has a Matthew Santos vibe to him and it’s a welcome addition vocally. My small knocks on the track is that said hook ran a little long and could have used more of a variety in lyrics and the beat is overall underwhelming, though it certainly works. All in all: a *Tibs Fav. and a great second beginning for #TetsuoSeason.