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Mike Shinoda talks Jay Z, Eminem, hip hop

Lots to enjoy in this great new sit-down with Mike Shinoda by Montreality. The 12 minute interview dives into Shinoda’s youth and personality before hitting a hip hop focus wherein Mike Shinoda reveals just how that Jay Z Collision Course album came about. This story alone makes it worth the viewing, but right after, Shinoda talks about wanting to work with Eminem, knowing about him before he was signed, and really being open to any collab if all the elements combine right.

The hip hop discussion continues with Shinoda giving his thoughts on the state of hip hop and what the genre has going for it in 2014. Finally, I love how people still ask him about Fort Minor because that was, from beginning to end, one of my favorite albums from 2006. Shinoda’s rap foray is still on the table as he says,

There’s a distinct possibility that there will be some Fort Minor music in the future.

Yes! Geeked for that distinct possibility.

A must-watch interview above for any Mike Shinoda/Linkin Park fans out there, enjoy!