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Goodbye Tomorrow “The Way” (Short Film)

On the heels of one of my favorite albums from anyone in 2015 this past August, we have hands down the coolest visuals I’ve seen for a music video yet this year.

Goodbye Tomorrow takes one of their strongest gems from their self-titled debut — “The Way” — and turns it into a video game infused, sci-fi action thriller. Label it a music video if you like, but it plays off much bigger than that. It’s really a 7 minute short film, with the budget and technical execution of a major motion picture.

The song, heard in full below, is spliced through much of the video and becomes the soundtrack to the story that plays out. It pits the Rebels and our young Neo-esque leader “Q’Seem” vs. Zero, leader of The Million, which represent the evil machines you can associate to the many corporations, or even individuals, you may encounter in life who try to control you. Q’Seem represents you, the youth, and The Way.

I’ll let the story unfold from there as I marvel at the many superb technical aspects that make this video have the proper, cinematic feel. Let’s see… how about all of the cool, custom designed video game allusions? Throwback to the 80s and 90s combined with a Call of Duty style presentation to the real-life scenes. They also must’ve had drones or choppers for some of the breathtaking aerial scenes that capture the hometown Chicago in the distance. Visually, how ’bout the color correction too? And then the score of the entire short film itself, hitting the right mood and amplifying the scale of each scene. Take note of every detail really, all the way through to the credits at the end. (A deep dive into the easter eggs reveals Rick Wayne the director.)

Overall, it’s the message too: powerful and inspiring for anyone to take control of their own life. Here’s the message/video breakdown, in their own words, said to Noisey.

“Døn͢’t givë̠̠ in͓ tø dü̠̠ality⃔. ₸he wo͛®ld i$ not sø b⃕la¢k and white͙. peÅce №t ¢om͓prømis⃒e… The concept of the video is the fucking truth…like, that’s the truth, that’s how the world actually is. It’s actually evil motherfuckers that are machine ass niggas that take you and program you. That’s the real truth, every day that shit happens. They wanna tame motherfuckers and put niggas into a box because if we’re pre-programmed to be a certain way then it’s easier to control what we’ll think and what we do. Until you see that, there’s no way to stop it, no outside help, it only come from you. That’s what you can take away from the video, song, album, all that. It’s just about the battle for your true self. You can’t never let somebody tell you who you are, what you are, what you can or can’t do, none of that. All the external, worldly, temporary shit is just a trick to get you off the way and shit.

¯_(ツ)_/¯  “

Press play, hit the full screen button, and press the *popcorn* button on the microwave. Do that, maybe in reverse actually. Ha!


The sleek movie poster… can we have a sequel?!

(taken from the album below…)

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Mint Lab Astronauts f/ Mr. Music “Let’s Ride”

M.L.A. has begun another stream of releases stemming from last week’s excellent and creative flip of EPMD’s “Symphony 2000”. For this new original tune, they call upon Chicago singer/songwriter/producer/engineer Mr. Music (hence the name) for this smooth one to ride to… well, “Let’s Ride”.

Music matches the group’s vibe with a futuristic melody on the beat and a nice hook that brings together the verses from j.pak and pak.one respectively. Both put down some solid lines with pak.one switching up his delivery in a unique way compared to past releases. I especially liked the fast flow for the latter half of his verse and the lyrics of the first half. Download this one for your ride and play it for the ladies…

*Tibs Fav.


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Drake “Views From The 6” Leak

04.28.16: Greetings! If you’re reading this, it’s too late: this was a song leak from 2014.

You’re probably looking for the album — get the link, all the info, and the Zane Lowe interview right here.


08.23.14: The leak of the weekend is none other than the title track of Drake‘s forthcoming album, Views From The 6. Let’s get right to it…

For those attuned to the leak, get in tune with this version above. Our hometown producer Mr. Music engineered the mix of the original leak — so this is literally the best quality version of Drake “Views From The 6” out right now.

UPDATE: Soundcloud or OVO is no fun and removed it quickly. Here’s the one remaining leak though…

As for the song itself, Drake’s verse is clearly about his rumored European beau and fellow superstar Rihanna. He even name-checks her two best friends.

You must remember waking up in Paris with the blunt. You must remember fucking me like anytime you want. What made us want to act like we were married for two weeks. Now we back in California we don’t even speak that a no no. Everyone say we look good on paper. You deserve the action. Plus you get more paper than I do. That shit attractive. Things that make me miss ya. Where Jen & Melissa? Tell the squad I said waddup girl.

Sooo they don’t speak in Cali… whatever. What a life, Drake. In all seriousness, I appreciate the insight into a famous relationship — one thing that’s constant about Drake is that he bares it all and doesn’t really give a fuck because it’s real emotions. Listeners hate on Drake for this very reason, but that’s why I’m a fan. He’s authentic, and this is the latest, highly-scaled piece of evidence.

Another version of Drake “Views From The 6” is out (the one working above) — a seemingly full version featuring an artist named “E Batt” on the second verse (40 producing, by the way). *googles E Batt* Listen to this below and vibe with the hook from Drake too (another highlight of “Views From The 6” too).

*Tibs Fav.

M.L.A. f/ Mr. Music “Kings of the North Galaxy”

For this week’s Mint Lab Astronauts release, the Chicago brothers link up with fellow hometown singer Mr. Music for a spacey jam called “Kings of the North Galaxy”. The concept surrounds some bedroom situations with that lady friend of yours with the catchy, fast hook from Music generalizing what pak.one and j.pak speak on. Give it a listen/download below as one that’ll potentially grow into the rotation.


M.L.A. ‘Return of the Astros’


I have been looking forward to the return of these two: M.L.A. — one of the Chicago duos I big upped last fall in an exclusive list in my NBA Preview, along with their entire career thus far here on Gowhere.

The brothers, pak.one & j.pak, come back with 4 new tracks in the naturally titled Return of the Astros EP. These Mint Lab Astronauts recruit three dope features as well — Clark Airlines on the hype, bravado anthem that’ll translate well live (Feb. 28th), “CSMF” (you’ll hear what that stands for), Blakkass Westley on the smoother hip hop cut “Learn Today”, and smoothest of all: Mr. Music for the hook to the relationship-centric “for sale”.

In all four tracks, pak.one takes the lead with some slick, melodic rhymes that match his productions. j.pak is last in all of the songs, following the featured guests, and he spits fast with a mix of slowed-down talking, depending on the song. I liked this structure as I got the full sense of it by the concluding track for the ladies: “Carry On”. By the end, I was also impressed that the group was able to show their versatility on just four tracks. The menacing trap sounds on the first track for instance were followed by the jazzy tone of “Learn Today”. Furthermore, pak.one is fast on “CSMF”, j.pak slows it down; then it’s vice versa with pak.one’s hook and j.pak’s verse in the next track.

Then “for sale” and “Carry On” conclude the EP with two tracks about relatable lady issues (Mr. Music’s hook is a great summary for “for sale” and the first thing that’ll jump out at you.) “Carry On” is more of an ode to the physical, with pak.one’s fast first verse being the attention-getter for me. To top it all off, I love hearing the group nod to its roots with a hilariously appropriate TV Show sample in the “for sale” outro. The Michael Scott epiphany they chose is simply fantastic.

There’s the breakdown that may have taken you as long to read as it will to listen, so go ahead and press play already! (Dope album art, too. j.pak with that design as well.)

Favorite song: “for sale” f/ Mr. Music

Favorite pak.one verse: “Carry On”

Favorite j.pak verse: “Learn Today”


(Hit the ‘BUY’ button and it will redirect you to the FREE download!)

*Tibs Fav.