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Lloyd Banks f/ Eminem, 50 Cent, & Nate Dogg “Warrior Pt. 2”

I know Old School Sundays are now few and far between, but I thought the dots connected for this one when I saw Lloyd Banks celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the release of The Hunger For More on Facebook today. I vividly remember taking a chance on the G-Unit solo album with all of these factors leading up to it.

– Em & 50 were my 2 favorites in the game in 2004 and I followed any feature, or especially, Eminem production no matter who the artist was.

– Lloyd Banks was my favorite G-Unit member, and made a strong impression on “Stunt 101” and throughout the debut album, Beg For Mercy, in 2003.

– I read the tracklist before committing and one read of “Warrior Pt. 2” featuring Eminem, 50 Cent, & Nate Dogg (prod. Eminem) led me to approach the cash register with the same confidence of new Kings rookie Nik Stauskas approaching the 3 point line in his backyard, in the rain.

– Plus, I love the idea of sequel tracks and loved the tease of “Warrior” at the end of the “On Fire” music video — the album’s lead single — which I ended up rating above “On Fire” at the end of the day.

Alas, I loved “Warrior Pt. 2”. Eminem making an infectious rhythm with the coins was something I’ve never heard before and as long-lasting about this song as the late Nate Dogg’s hook. Stellar verses from Em, Banks, and 50 in that order made the song complete. And overall, “Warrior Pt. 2” was a go-to on future pump up mixes way down the line.

Now imagine a freshly licensed 16-year old Tibs speeding away from Best Buy with this track blaring out the speakers, ha! *TIBS FAV.