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Big Sean talks IDFWU, new album, more with Breakfast Club

During an NYC promo trip this week, Big Sean chatted with The Breakfast Club on a variety of topics from his ex-girl to his new girl (Naya Rivera and Ariana Grande, you should know by now…) and he was first immediately asked about if “IDFWU” was about Naya Rivera.

Sean clarifies that he played Naya an early version of the record he calls an anthem that can be relatable to a lot of situations (true). He does also admit he “may have gone back and changed a few lines.” …Yeah, I can see that.

They also talk about the “IDFWU” video, and scarce details on an album coming soon. It’s darker and Kanye West will be featured on it. There’s the summary, but it’s still a fun watch up above this morning.