NBA 2K15 — 2K Heroes Trailer

Here’s 2K’s new video — the always entertaining debate of who’s in your starting 5, or as they phrase it, “Unbeatable 5” resumes as sit-downs with KD, MJ himself, Steph Curry, and Shaq reveal who’s in theirs. I give the edge to MJ’s of the 4 (esp. over Steph’s 3-guard backcourt, haha).

Who is in your Unbeatable 5? I dropped mine on our Gowhere Community, weigh in here too.

Bill Wennington acting like he's seen MJ oop it over Kobe before...
Bill Wennington acting like he’s seen MJ oop it over Kobe before…

NBA 2K Through the Years

NBA 2K15 dropped yesterday, which if you’re a reader of this site, you probably already know, have it, and you’re taking a quick break to catch up on your Gowhere now 😀

To continue their great marketing of the game, 2K co-signed and shared this new video above of ‘NBA 2K Through the Years’. Self-explanatory, really. Take the 15 (!) year journey of the game, and the league in general. And because I had multitudes of thoughts… here are them in running diary form.

0:37: Vitaly Potapenko sighting! Whoa, save somethin’ for later…
0:41: A.I. and a sensei? Wasn’t he another video game character in a crossover style commercial?!
1:01: Kobe dribbled in a complete circle, then flushes it. Classic video game wackiness.
1:07: Nash to Nowitzki. Nostalgia has certainly set in by now.
1:41: Ben Wallace and Tracy Morgan in a commercial together?!
2:04-2:11: The new feature of 2K6? Sweat.
2:24: Idea: Those Cavs throwbacks need to come back this year. (With a matching headband, LeBron.)
2:25: Jamal Crawford doing what he’s best known for… a 360 AND-1!
2:37: Francisco Elson sighting!
2:47: Vince Carter between the legs in-game dunk + Yung Joc motorcycle celebration.
3:03: Sasha Pavlovic SPLASH!
3:41: The origin of the Kobe-D. Rose MEME /still stings.
4:00: “Are you ready?”
4:21: Eddie House sighting!
4:44: Drake & MJ… slight step up from Big Ben & Tracy Morgan, 2K.
5:01: Future teammates. 2K called it.
5:54: K LOCK69 sighting!
6:39: These crowds, man.
6:47: YAKKEM!
7:11: Pharrell & Pharrell’s Hat are in the game this year, ICYMI.
7:32: These crowds again.
7:35: Birdman beard + D Rose 5. The details are crazy.
7:48: Hold up, hold my phone!
8:10: Idea: Use real parks for the excellent new MyPark feature.
8:36: Aight, first I gotta get a PS4. Then, I gotta get 2K15.

What’s your favorite moment of this video?

NBA 2K15 Momentous Trailer

The all-new (and I think last) trailer for NBA 2K15 has dropped this morning and it’s a doozy of a look at all of today’s stars in action on the beautiful next-gen systems. Some highlights: a quick look at LeBron & Kyrie, Jabari Parker on the Bucks, Chandler Parsons on the Mavs, Rubio throwing oops to Zach LaVine and Andrew Wiggins, a perfectly done ‘Melo pull up 3 and ensuing celebration, Iman Shumpert’s “Worst Behaviour” 3 celebration, and of course cover boy and MVP Kevin Durant at the beginning and end. Watch out for all of those and more above (all set to ATCQ “Scenario”).

BONUS: The MyCareer has an all-new storyline in which you’re undrafted and have to grind to get on a team in January and play well enough going into free agency right off the bat. Love the constant innovation and small details 2K is adding (and this is just a small preview).

Also worth watching: James Harden on last night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers as Seth puts the all-new 2K Face Scan to the test and becomes teammates with James on the Rockets. So funny (and awesome).

NBA 2K15 Yakkem Trailer

NBA 2K15 is less than 2 months away and above is another new breathtaking trailer that features a couple new additions this year: Ernie Johnson & Shaq! This should add another level of authentic realism for the 2K presentation before games and at halftime. The preview of EJ & Shaq is perfect too — stay tuned through the end and you’ll see why it’s called the “Yakkem” trailer.

In between, you’ll see more amazing footage of other new additions — the new additions to the Cavs, Bulls, Lakers, and more. Familiar faces in new threads, it always feels different. Keep a close eye and you’ll see Boozer in a Lakers uni pushing Gasol in a Bulls uni. HEY! They just need to have the Boozer screams, and we’re good. I’ll prolly play as the Lakers like 90% of the time if that’s the case.