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Mikkey Halsted “Salmon Crouquettes” (prod. No I.D.)

Mikkey Halsted’s Bulletproof Dreams is set to impact on March 4th, and here’s his new preview of the album “Salmon Crouquettes”, which boasts a raw production from No I.D. Mikk spits three nice verses, with the second being my favorite one. Also a nod to No I.D. for the Talib Kweli “lyrics sticks to your ribs” sample on the hook. Give this one a listen and an add to your rotation today.


Common announces new album

Common album news!

In 2013, Common continually hinted at an upcoming EP and studio sessions with No I.D. for the new year (including in our own sitdown ICYMI). Today, he reveals to RevoltTV that the EP is now an album — an album he indicates is entirely produced by No I.D. Wow. This combo has long been gold, and I don’t see that faltering any level in the year 2014. I, as one of many, am excited.

Keep the interview flowing as well for more general, positive words from Common on the new generation of Chicago hip hop artists.