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“You’re Not Alone” — a Joakim Noah Production

Damn. This was a tough, emotional watch. But just the same, an example for those trying to cope with a tragic reality caused by gun violence.

“You’re Not Alone” is a Joakim Noah production, and a mini-doc of sorts, that interviews some of Chicago’s youth who have lost a dear loved one to senseless gun violence. Teammates Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson, who had both lost friends in the same way, also sit down for the video. To see their vulnerability and emotions in reflecting on their loss certainly drove home the message that “You’re Not Alone.” Gibson literally looked lost and without an answer and Rose broke down and cried. On the same level, it was heartbreaking to hear how the kids talked about their friends so glowingly.

Through their stories and emotions, we see the importance of talking things out and coping openly if you’re in a similar situation. Furthering this sense of unity, Joakim Noah’s Noah’s Arc Foundation is selling a teardrop pendant designed by his mother, Cecilia Rodhe, as a symbol for peace and coping with loss. Noah describes the “Drop of Consciousness” in more detail with the video powerfully ending on his words and he and the other subjects wearing it. Props to everyone involved in the making of this video (dir. award-winning author and documentarian Alex Kotlowitz) and our prayers and thoughts go to them and those involved in their stories. Watch above and send an intention out for the continued end of gun violence.

It represents people. It’s also a symbol of hope, just knowing that no matter what you’re going through you’re wearing this and we’re all in this together, this fight.

– Joakim Noah

Thanks to Chicago Tribune (for more info)