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Closed Sessions “Realer Than Most” f/ Mick Jenkins, Dally Auston, Noname Gypsy & Saba [Song & Mini-Documentary]

I remember having gone to the CIMM Fest hosted by Closed Sessions and watching the mini-documentary “Realer Than Most” and standing in amazement to what was going to be unleashed in the future. The future is now for many Chicago artists as they’ve kept it “Realer Than Most” as Mick Jenkins, Dally Austin, Noname Gypsy, and Saba unite forces on a powerful track produced by OnGaud. Salute to all participating parties for this track! More on the collaboration below and documentary below.

Chicago’s winter was especially brutal in 2014, yet in stark contrast, our Hip Hop scene has been on fire. On the coldest day of the year we assembled an all-star cast of Mick Jenkins, Dally Auston, NoName Gypsy, Saba and producers OnGaud at SoundScape Studio for a special Closed Session.

While this group of emcees and producers have been friends for a long time, and worked together in the past, this session was their first time all working together simultaneously on one song. The result is “Realer Than Most” a dope new cut from our newest compilation, Closed Sessions Vol. 3 releasing soon.