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Kanye West “Only One” starring Nori

Kanye on Ellen this morning brought about the new music video for “Only One”. Spike Jonze directs and it stars Kanye’s daughter North West. You’ll see from the vibe how appropriate it is and there were definitely a couple of those, “Aw, that’s cute!” moments. Above is the clip played on Ellen and on KanyeWest.com is the full version — a little longer which features more at the beginning and end (probably actually the best parts of the video.)

Of course, Kanye also sat down with Ellen and any interview of his is worth the watch. Here he talks about being happier and calmer since marrying Kim and becoming a father. He also talked about creating with adidas and hints at more creative freedom for projects like his own clothing line.

Ellen also asks about if Kanye and Kim are looking to have more kids and finally, what is the name of the upcoming album. TBD…

And lastly, on a fun note, Ellen made a rap song for Kanye so peep that as well below. These are all clips, with the full show later today at 3 CT, so maybe there will be more of the interview coming up.


Kanye, Kim, & North West (Wedding Photos)

A couple more photos from the KimYe Wedding that are too sweet not to post. The one above is a candid of the newly married couple with their daughter North West. FWIW, here’s Khloe on the photo:

The image was taken right after Kim and Kanye wed. We were all discussing how calm and dream-like the wedding was. The peace in Kim and Kanye was undeniable. We all felt as if they had been married in another lifetime. I have always believed these two are soul mates.

And the other photo, an even more artistic shot shows Kanye with his new Kardashian fam. Again, FWIW, here’s Kendall Jenner on the photo:

It was right after they said their vows and we all came back to the fort. This picture is beautiful. Every moment was like a fairy-tale dream come true.


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Kanye & Kim Conquer “Vogue”

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian pose for Vogue, featuring the absolutely beautiful baby North West. To be featured on their April cover, Vogue released pictures today of the stunning photoshoot.. and the pictures are to die for!

In the interview, Kim revealed how she likes to dress up Baby North in big boy/girl clothes including Jordans, Yeezy’s gold chains, & Kim K’s designer bags much to Baby North’s pleasure. They also shared many other details about their home/family life in the interview.

Says Kim:

Kanye’s side of the family calls her Nori.

I put Kanye’s big chains around her, and I put a little Louis bag and some Jordans, and I was like, ‘What up, Daddy?’

This edition of “Vogue” will be released March 31.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 3.19.12 PM
Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 3.20.27 PM

KimYe Vogue Photoshoot

This morning, Vogue has released two more official photos and a preview of their cover story on KimYe, who in case you missed it, is covering the esteemed magazine’s next issue. Also in the gallery above are some leaked images of the photoshoot, with Baby Nori making an adorable cameo. All these photos look superb thus far, and I look forward to this full cover story too.

In a couple of bonus KimYe tidbits, Kanye West’s wedding present to Kim is, as you’d expect, quite unconventional. ‘Ye is buying Kim 10 Burger Kings. Wait, what? Well, a source told the Daily Star (albeit a questionable one), that “Kanye wants to buy her 10 restaurants across the UK, Italy and France, making her a real international businesswoman.” Oh, gotcha. Well, we’ll see if this proves to be true, just thought I’d pass that along.

Also thought I’d pass along something from Kim Kardashian herself as she humblebrags about something as normal as spring cleaning. Hey, I’m happy she did, because she photographed a nice encapsulation of Yeezy shoe designs over the years…

"#SoManyYearsOfDesigning #CantWaitForAdidas." - Kim Kardashian
“#SoManyYearsOfDesigning #CantWaitForAdidas.” – Kim Kardashian

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian cover Vogue

‘Ye gettin’ what ‘Ye wants..!

In Kanye‘s interview run last fall, one recurring topic was the unfairness he felt Kim K received that she hasn’t gotten a cover of Vogue (and Vogue, specifically). Well, Vogue must have been listening because today Kim K gets her cover… with Kanye West and the hashtag #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple.

Plus, Vogue releases this behind the scenes video featuring a cameo from North West (a cutey) and appropriately set to “Bound 2”.

Thoughts on the KimYe cover? I like the classy wedding attire and pose, myself.