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KD & Russ put away Wizards in OT

12 games in the Association tonight and the best one was the Thunder-Wizards overtime thriller that proved to be a welcomed homecoming for Kevin Durant.

Just ask Marcin Gortat.

The Thunder pulled it off 105-103 in OT as Russell Westbrook took advantage of a defensive lapse to win the game with 0.8 seconds remaining.


The lay-up was pretty routine, the post celebration photo is pretty fantastic.

In other news this, can’t tell if this is real or not. But wow, hahaha.

Thunder vs. Mavs ‘FreeD’ Video

An unusual choice for the daily NBA post as, instead of highlighting a cool dunk or buzzer beater, we have above something I’ve heard about and seen articles on, but for the first time am seeing tonite — ‘FreeD’ Video.

The Mavs have implemented this new video capturing technology in their arenas and have been offering these dynamic looks at some of the game’s key plays to their fans on the jumbotron in the stadium.

The NBA posted a couple of these key plays to YouTube tonight and the results are breathtaking. Look above to see a no doubter block from Monta Ellis on Russell Westbrook in John Wall-esque 360 degree style, ha!

Seriously though, I love how the background is blurred out too to emphasize the players themselves. The Mavs won the game 112-107. And this top comment elicited laughter.


Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 11.44.37 PM


Here’s tonite’s Terrence Ross dunk.

Lillard vs. Westbrook Duel

Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook each went for 40 tonite but it was Lillard who sent the game into overtime with the same play as last year. Seriously. Watch the highlight, then the split-screen below.

The Blazers got the win in OT 115-111. Full highlights of the duel up above…

Wale & A-Trak ‘Festivus’

On time today is Wale & A-Trak’s new collab mixtape, Festivus, which features 11 new tracks and features from the likes of Chance, Pusha T, Ab-Soul, ASAP Ferg, and more. Proceed below and look forward to the newly announced The Album About Nothing on March 31st.

1. “Intro: Stroke of Genius” (Prod. by Lee Majorz)
2. “Blood Money 3.5″ f/ A$AP Ferg (Prod. by Marce Reazon)
3. Dew Baby “Loyalty” f/ Wale and Fat Trel (Prod. by Flexx Beats of Band Kampp)
4. “Girls on Drugs” (Prod. by No Credit)
5. “Tonight (Suite 331)” f/ Dino Bam & Sauce of BYB (Prod. by Tone P)
6. “The Deep End” f/ Pusha T (Prod. by Tone P)
7. “Keep it Moving (Freestyle)” f/ Ab-Soul and Magazeen (Prod. by THC)
8. “Friendship Heights” f/ Chance the Rapper (Prod. by Omega and Raak)
9. “Chess” (Prod. by Best Kept Secret)
10. Ab Icee “Juggin” f/ Wale and Wax (Prod. by Ayydot)
11. “Outro: Narcissis-her/Spaceship (Freestyle)” (Prod. by Reggie Volume and Pro Reese)

Westbrook vs. Curry (Full Highlights)

The TNT doubleheader tonight did not disappoint.

That’s easier for me to say since I’m a Bulls fan, admittedly, because the Knicks-Bulls were without Melo and D. Rose, but Jimmy Butler put in a career-high 35 points for a Bulls win that went down to the wire.

Ah, I quickly digressed. That’s probably a personal record for how fast I brought up the Bulls. But back to the headline at hand…

The most entertaining game of the night was the nightcap: Oklahoma City at Golden State. The star power was on full display as Kevin Durant had 30 points at halftime but had to leave the game just before it after spraining his right ankle. It looks like it’s mild though and Durant is confident it’s not a long-term injury.

So providing the show for the entire game were the teams’ all-star point guards. Russell Westbrook and Steph Curry combined for 67 points and 15 assists with a flurry of signature moves and ridiculous baskets along the way.

Westbrook’s pull-up mid-range jumper was pure tonight and Steph Curry’s treys were all equally as pretty. That one where he takes the handoff from Iggy in transition was bonkers.

The Warriors held on to win, 114-109, with Curry putting in 34 points, 7 rebounds, 9 assists, and 4 steals. As J.E. Skeets would say, “Whoa Boy!”