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Open House Chicago 2014 (Photo Recap)

Open House Chicago is an annual event allowing public access to over 150 spots around Chicago including Churches, hotels, executive clubs, private offices, and more. It was my first year getting out for the event, and though I wasn’t able to hit every spot I would’ve like to, it was great getting to see some some new views of Chicago. My first stop was Lake Point Tower.

Lake Point Tower is the only skyscraper east of Lake Shore Drive, allowing views unlike any other vantage point in the city. And unless you live here, or you’re tryna drop a bill on a steak at the restaurant on the top floor, it’s not a view you’ll have the opportunity to catch on the reg. As far as views of Navy Pier and LSD go, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Next on my hit list was the Chicago offices of Perkins and Will, a global architecture and design firm located on the 35th and 36th floors of the glass and steel giant that I will always refer to as the IBM Building (now called 330 N Wabash – lame). Aside from the views out the window, touring the offices of Perkins and Will was a cool experience on its own as the space was filled with laser cut wood models of conceptual designs – designs that are not only practical but also just really fucking cool. And the views, ha, well the views were cool too.

Last, but sure as hell not least, was MDA Apartments. Located downtown at 63 E Lake Street, the 24 story residence and restaurant has pretty much everything you’d ever want on a roof – a small outdoor movie theater, hot tub, grills, indoor and outdoor lounge areas, and spectacular views looking into the heart of the loop.

Wish I had more time to take in some different sites, but decently long lines and a cold kept me from taking more in. Luckily, Open House Chicago comes around every year, so here’s looking forward to 2015.