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Common on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Common was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and sat down for a fun interview that talked Oprah and Michael Jordan.

Oprah of course because Common left her hanging at the Oscars in the most hilarious moment of the night (en route to his win with John Legend for “Glory”.)


Common saves face by explaining what he was thinking to Kimmel below.

He also recalls the well-known tale of being a ball boy for Michael Jordan, but Common adds a new story from those times too.

And finally, he was also on Jimmy Kimmel to promote his new movie — the first time I’m hearing about this, might I add — Run All Night with Liam Neeson and Ed Harris. Common will play an assassin contracted by Ed Harris’ character to find and kill Liam Neeson. You can see an exclusive clip of Common’s role at the end of the video above, which reveals Common doesn’t have great negotiating skills, ha! The full trailer is below. I’m in on this one. Liam Neeson and a movie-long chase scene? How can you not be?


Happy Pharrell Cries

Pharrell sat down with Oprah Winfrey for an interview on Oprah’s OWN Network & what began as an uplifting, happy moment turned into a stripped down emotional one on one.

Pharrell, who won 4 Grammys this past February, talks about how he never thought his time would come & he would always be “the guy standing next to the guy” rather than in the forefront by himself. His recent solo success, something that has never happened to this magnitude in his career, touched him & was a reminder to the world that you can never stop chasing your dreams.

You deserve it all, Pharrell. After years of rocking with his genius productions with The Neptunes, I’m glad he finally is getting his time to shine.. by himself.

Still not feelin’ that hat tho.

Pharrell’s Oprah Interview

Pharrell sat down with none other than Oprah for an in-depth interview that got misty eyed when P was shown a video of people all around the world singing and dancing to “Happy”. What a magnetic song, I still love it myself.

Other topics include: Pharrell’s girlfriend Helen, his influences and song-writing process, childhood, and of course, the new ‘G I R L’ album.

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