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Common & John Legend “Glory” @ Oscars

Common & John Legend are Oscar Winners.

How glorious it is, huh? They just performed “Glory” at the Oscars and brought the celebs in attendance to tears and to their feet. How cool was it with all of the people behind them? Somethin’ just as powerful and unique compared to their recent close of the Grammys.

Soon after, they were announced as the winners of Best Original Song and gave as powerful a speech as the performance. ICYMI… watch both below.


On a much lighter note, here’s Common leaving Oprah hanging, haha!


“Glory” nominated for Oscar

On the heels of their win at the Golden Globes, Common & John Legend received a nomination today for an Oscar!

Will they win? They’re at least a favorite. But if they lose, I hope it goes to “Everything Is Awesome”. Ha! A clever song that was. Too bad the movie itself didn’t get nominated for Best Animated Film (WTF!?)

Pharrell “Happy” @ The Oscars

Pharrell just got off stage at the Oscars, donned a huge black cowboy hat (I had brown in the pool, damn), and the best part: he danced with some of the Oscar nominees in the first row. Glad to see the likes of Lupita, Amy Adams, and Meryl Streep could have some impromptu fun. (Would have been awkward otherwise).


Watch and enjoy above ICYMI! Also, shouts to Arby’s for winning the eBay auction for Pharrell’s Grammy’s hat. They took the credit in expected humorous fashion on Twitter…


h/t MWP

Pharrell to perform at Oscars

Award season is continuing on March 2nd with the Academy Awards taking place, and newly announced today: with a performance of “Happy” from Pharrell.

Pharrell will continue his amazing year with “Happy” nominated for “Best Original Song”. If Pharrell wins, he’ll join rappers Eminem (“Lose Yourself”) and Three 6 Mafia “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp”) as Oscar winners.

Hopefully, he’ll bring his hat too.


And I thought this was funny… a new version from the Golden State Warriors (featuring Steph Curry)

h/t Billboard