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Zoolander 2 announced at Paris Fashion Week

Too amazing not to give some shine.

It’s a great way to start your day in the U.S. as you may know by now, earlier this morning, Zoolander and Hansel closed down Valentino’s show during Paris Fashion Week with a surprise walk-off, perhaps? Here’s a Vine.


And shortly thereafter, Paramount Pictures provided the official announcement and release date.

Here’s Zoolander and Hansel (so hot right now, Hansel.) with Anna Wintour.


And here’s everyone’s collective reaction.


(Sidebar: I saw a random tweet suggesting Starbucks create Orange Mocha Frappuccinos for the movie and wait… why not?! That’d be a great seasonal drink to start off 2015. And I’d be intrigued to try that. Make it happen, Starbucks.)



Kanye to perform 4 nights in Paris

Paris, catch the Louis Vuitton Don at the Foundation Louis Vuitton for a special Paris Fashion Week residency across 4 nights this week.

Rest of the internet, catch the videos of said performances up here as they happen. Hopefully we’ll hear some more versions of the new songs (and even more debuts..?)

Kanye West & Lorde at Paris Fashion Week today
Kanye West & Lorde at Paris Fashion Week today

The Victor Gelez Community Centre

I guess you can call this one inspired by the lavish KimYe wedding weekend in Paris and Florence these past few days. The Victor Gelez Community Centre was built this year in Paris and I feel like it’s a pick that fellow architecture buff Kanye would share. The centre has two distinct looks with the outside aesthetics marrying (no pun intended) two different colors of brick for a gradient effect and the interior featuring stark bold colors for each room to create a theme. For these reasons, the Community Centre really resonated with me and earns an architecture spotlight to start off the short work week today.

From Dumont Legrand Architects:

The Victor Gelez Community Centre is by nature an unusual place. It’s a neighbourhood facility encouraging personal development in a shared space for open creativity. This is a place for dancing, sculpting, painting, graffiti, playing music, meeting up, discussion and debate, resources, learning and transformation.

One of centre’s features is that each room or series of themed rooms has an entire floor to itself. This vertical arrangement takes on particular importance, both in terms of internal layout and how it can be interpreted from the road.

h/t + more info via ArchDaily