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Robin Thicke ‘Paula’ [Album Stream]

Robin Thicke‘s dedication to Paula has already been polarizing — many admire his willingness to make his plea for a reconciliation public, while many others think it’s an insipid, even pathetic attempt to do it so directly and publicly. Now we have the full album to form an opinion as Paula is made for free streaming below, ahead of its official release tomorrow. Plus, ICYMI, Thicke premiered “Forever Love” at the BET Awards last night.



Robin Thicke Pleas for “Paula”

2013 was great to Robin Thicke.. in the beginning. With “Blurred Lines” becoming the biggest hit of his career and his first Billboard Hot 100 #1, Thicke was at the top of the world..

.. that is, until his love life came crashing down. His wife of 9 years, Paula Patton, filed for separation from him as the couple announced their split this past February. Since then, Robin Thicke has opted multiple tactics in attempt to get his wife and the mother of his only child back in his arms.

Robin Thicke & Paula Patton
Robin Thicke & Paula Patton

Thicke has announced his 7th studio album, to be released July 1, will be an ode to the love of his life titled Paula. Thicke, who has known Paula Patton since age 14 and been in a relationship with her since age 16, has dedicated many of his recent performances to her from his famous signature tune “Lost Without U” to a new song to be featured on Paula titled “Get Her Back” which was debuted at the Billboard Music Awards last month.

As a fan, I’m expecting an album that returns to form for Thicke. A nice R&B album reminiscent of his critically acclaimed The Evolution of Robin Thicke LP filled with soulful songs about love. Robin stripped down singing from the heart is Mr. Thicke at his best. Robin will be performing new material from the album at the BET Awards June 29.

Hope you get your girl back, Robin.

Robin Thicke “Get Her Back”

Tonight at the Billboard Music Awards, Robin Thicke premiered a new single, directly aimed at his wife Paula Patton to try and get her back after their February separation.

The CDQ is available tonight on iTunes as well — a smooth and kind of catchy tune from Thicke but one that isn’t too transcendent lyrically. I wonder how it’ll play out with childhood lover Paula P. *shrugs*

Song since removed.