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Penny Hardaway returns home

A little late #TBT for ya guys with this timeless E:60 documentary segment on one of the most beloved 90s NBA superstars: Penny Hardaway.

This aired around this time last year but I saw it today for the first time when a friend sent it over who, knowing him I know resonated with Penny’s loyalty to a friend and loyalty to home. Given his suggestion and that Penny was one of my favorite non-Bulls growing up, I had an immediate framework of intrigue so I pressed play right away.

As the story was told and developed, I was torn as I felt the emotions (both tough and joyful) and at the end of it, I only appreciate Penny Hardaway even more. It’s a touching watch so definitely carve out the time for it and find out the story for yourself up above! (Best told if you just watch and I leave it at that.)

The time MJ wore Pennys

I’m feeling a lil’ MJ flashback on this edition of Old School Sundays as this story passed onto me yesterday by the Jack Silverstein (writer for Chicago Daily Law Bulletin) was too good not to post.

Remember that time that MJ wore Pennys? Yeah, it happened. Photographic evidence above. And the full story that will calm the senses of die hard Jordan fans below:

The Nike Air Flight One was Penny Hardaway’s first unofficial signature shoe. The shoe’s features were great, it had a super lightweight sole and also sported the iconic “1″ on the heeltab. His “Airness” himself, Michael Jordan, actually wore these in a game after his first retirement. Supposedly he wore these because the league’s restrictions held him back from unveiling the Air Jordan XI. The entire Bulls team at the time was wearing black shoes but the “Concords” were black/white. MJ cut the #1 off the heeltab which is kind of ironic because the Bulls lost to the Magic in the playoffs that year.

(via Forever Sneakz)

Heh! Still. Really weird to see Jordan in something other than Jordans. To a lesser extent, really weird to see the NBA on TBS logo.

Anyway, I’m not letting this post get away with a couple more MJ links Jack sent me — his interactive articles on the RedEye commemorating Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday last year — The evolution of Michael Jordan’s commercial character (a nice compliment to my piece of all of the Jordan commercials in one video) and my favorite one: Michael Jordan’s 10 underappreciated achievements. Even for me, a huge Jordan fan, I learned some things from that article that properly puts into perspective just how amazing Michael Jordan was in his illustrious career. Oh, and “5:30 Simpsons 6: Seinfeld 6:30 Jordan” was definitely the routine. All must-reads, and those videos will keep you busy today. Enjoy!

Penny wearing the first Pennys, 1995
Penny wearing the first Pennys, 1995