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Pitchfork Music Festival: Day Three Recap 07.19.15

With a rocky second day, Pitchfork redeems themselves from the crazy weather and ends the show with Chance The Rapper.

Even from the heavy rain the day prior, Chance’s presence was known throughout the entire festival. Whether anyone liked it or not, the rapper was literally was everywhere but nowhere at the same time. From his recent beer collaboration with Goose Island (drank like 3 of them and it was wild with every turn) and his recent album collaboration with Lil B, the Chicago native was very much on everyone’s minds.

Chance strives to make festival history:

image (2)
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Starting the show with dancers and an array of colorful projections, Chance surprises the crowd with visuals after visuals and throwbacks from Acid Rap to Surf, his latest project. Not one to stand around, Chance utilizes the stage and entertains us with some heavy vocal skills and impresses us with some semi choreographed moves. With help from Donnie Trumpet and Kirk Franklin, Chance takes us on what seems like his last journey with Chicago. From continuously showing homage to not only his family, spiritual leaders, SoX, and even the bucket boys of our city (you know the kids who bang on buckets in Downtown), it was a historic night as the festival lights dim out completely. Whether this show was an official good-bye to his city, Chicago is proud and always ready to open their arms as he dives into bigger and better projects. Best of luck from Gowhere!

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Move it slowly

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Last night at the crib | #P4kFest

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Pitchfork Music Festival: Day Two Recap 07.18.15

What a rainy day here in Chicago. With humid weather and heavy rain pouring, the festival shuts down due to severe storms. You would think all vibes would be off as Pitchfork Music Festival commences. Nah. Excitement continues to roll as day two rolls out with A$AP Ferg and Vic Mensa all breaking ground on the Blue Stage.

A$AP Ferg:

Still suited in designer garbs aka a expensive as black tee, Ferg shrugs off the heavy rain and debuts new tunes worthy of fuccboi drool. Even with mudd flying from all corners of the stage, Ferg shows off his freestyle skills. Rapping over summer hits like “Push It” and spinning his own version of Rocky’s “Work” verse, Ferg brings it back by closing it off with “Shabba” and an ode to the late A$AP Yams. As the crowd continuously chants for the late Yams the show slowly comes to a close.

Vic Mensa brings out Towkio: 

@vicmensa closing out Day 2 @pitchforkfest | Photo: @whodough | #gowhereyoulove #SaveMoney #p4kfest

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Always showing love to his city and crew, Mensa in typical fashion shows out with his crew. Towkio tossed up a few songs as the crowd waited for Mensa and showed everyone why Mensa isn’t the only Savemoney member to hold their own. As Mensa enters the stage dressed in a fit decked with the words “Kill The Poor,” he gives us some of his famous bangers. From “Wimme Nah” to his recent “U Mad,” this young superstar continously shows the city why he is THE next big thing.

Move the moon, move the earth. | #P4kFest #SaveMoney

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Pitchfork Music Festival: Day One Recap 07.17.15

Oh what up sunny ass Chicago? Thanks for coming through as Pitchfork 2015 opens their gates once more. A beautiful day at Union Park, I was a woman on a mission. Get lit with ILoveMakonnen.With a little over 10 mins to soak in the ambiance I headed towards the Green Stage to find not only a packed stage but an outrageous influx of homies 5’7 and above rocking visors. Shout out upper body strength for guiding me through the crowds!

@ilovemakonnen and @djgreenlantern setting the tone at #P4kFest 📷: @whodough | #gowhereyoulove

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ILoveMakonnen, the Super Chef of the hour came through with the wrist action as he debuted new tunes and collab favorites like “Nokia” and “Look At Wrist”. Although the crowd was relatively tame, Makonnen still kept the new music and the energy going, amping the crowd with more sweaty wrist action.

Near the middle of the set, Makonnen Facetimes his Mom (aw!) and dedicates the next few tracks in her honor. Dang! And some of us can’t even make our mamas a proper birthday card. Overall Makonnen’s set was nothing short of what I expected. For a dude who is lax as hell, his music set was a good taste to all the other artists set to perform.

Stay tune for more Pitchfork recaps and commentary!

Pitchfork Music Festival Day Two 7.19.14

What’s good y’all? Second day at Pitchfork and Gowherehiphop still vibing out. With the second day being one of the most hyped days of the festival, I gotta roll through and check out Pusha T and Danny Brown at the Green Stage.

Pusha T’s Late Start:

Although the set was very much rushed due to time constraints, Pusha T is still one of the best in the game.

Set to start at 4:15 pm, the show was delayed for more than 30 minutes. Cause of the delay? DJ was ghost. Meh, it happens though. With the heat and the hint (nah, who I’m kidding everyone had their own funk) of sweat in the crowd, no one was having this delay. With frustrated chants and what seemed like eternity of waiting, Pusha T finally rolled through and threw down some tracks from his 2013 album, “My Name is My Name”. Dressed in a black Treated Bandana Tee (shout out to Stussy x Treated Tribe X Saint Alfred), Pusha T puts on a rushed set as he cuts and skips through some of his most powerful tracks and verses off his latest album. Although the set was very much rushed due to time constraints, Pusha T is still one of the best in the game. Even though his set really doesn’t live up to his musical caliber and was in truth a bit disappointing, Pusha T still has a lot of good things planned for 2014-2015. We still waiting for that King Push album, T!

Danny Brown Shuts Down Pitchfork:

Danny completely silences the crowd as he turns off the music and starts spitting 

My dude, Mr. Brown. Hands down Danny Brown knows how to give a performance. With high energy and a fit to kill, Danny Brown was definitely one of the highlights of the festival. Commanding the stage from start to finish, Danny had everyone in the crowd bumping, jumping, and water spraying before the third track. With tracks like 25 Bucks and Dip from his album, “Old”, reving up the audience, Danny completely silences the crowd as he goes trackless and starts spitting. Daaaaang. That’s whats up though. Even better? Danny takes a moment and shares the stage with his crew, who equally show the crowd that they can not only hang with the best but got the talent to hold their own. With a extended set (or so it seems in comparison to the previous set back of Pusha T’s perfomance), Danny Brown definitely lived up to the hype of Pitchfork day two. Rumor has it, Danny is roaming the festival during the later hours. So in case y’all missed him at his performance, hopefully y’all can catch him at the Ray Ban or the Beverage Tent.