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Plain Dave “Hideout” [Music Video]

The story of Plain Dave will be that of an emcee that was overlooked but through perseverance and dedication was able to consistently put out dope music and move up your radar. To me, on of the tracks that has been able to do this for Dave has been his track “Hideout”, a nostalgic, guitar filled production that truly showcases what this kid can bring to the table. The visual to “Hideout” represents Dave’s ascension to glory as he represents an artists that has observed others around him and has now gracefully risen from the ashes of emcees that never made it as the sole survivor in a desolate world.

Plain Dave “Hideout”

Plain Dave drops a new track just in time as we transition from Summer to Fall. A single that will have you longing for weather we are leaving behind and yearning for the season we about to enter. Dave’s latest single is “Hideout” and is a trap styled production laced with a phenomenal guitar sample conjured by Naughty Gawd. The message behind this track is also phenomenal as we get a somber feel from the production with a nostalgic feel that advocates for progression and self improvement.

Plain Dave 3

Although this single wont be on an upcoming project Dave mentions that he is working on a project that he will be dropping in the near future. As for what Dave is doing now, he is currently playing shows to bolster his recognition in our music scene. One of his next shows is October 24th [Purchase Tickets] at The Silver Room and you may access the flyer below for more information.