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POWERADE Rose From Concrete

UPDATE: Powerade released a new extended video of the spot that features an amazing interview with Derrick Rose. He speaks on being #justakid from Chicago and takes pride in serving as a shining example for the youth of today. Here’s a little snippet of what he said about the commercial’s narrator (above) — Tupac Shakur:

I love ‘Pac for what he stood for. He stood for something more than music. He knew where he was at in his life, and he knew where he wanted to be and where he wanted to go.


02.26.15: Oh Powerade, you know me.

Inspired by the classic Tupac poem comes a new 1 minute spot starring Derrick Rose that hits home for our local readers in the wake of Rose’s unfortunate knee injury this week. But really, anyone will find motivation from this one as after all, “We’re all just a kid from somewhere.” The ‘Pac soundbites from the actual “Rose That Grew From Concrete” song/poem below that narrates the commercial was perfectly chilling. #TBT …