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Problem f/ Lil Jon “Andale” (prod. Jahlil Beats)

Does Problem have a single on his hands with this one? The high-energy beat from Jahlil Beats and matching contribution from Lil Jon will certainly help. The beat didn’t take long to catch on with me as I also noticed the same sirens from “Hot N****”, for better or worse. Also, I didn’t know that’s how you spelled “Andale”. #TheMoreYouKnow


Problem ‘354: Lift Off’

Earlier today, Problem captured my attention with a fresh new freestyle alongside Childish Gambino over the DJ Quik classic “Dollaz & Sense” and it was the last precursor to the new mixtape, 354: Lift Off. Across the 13 new tracks, Bad Lucc also appears and Problem does his thing on the summer’s hottest beats from “0 to 100” to “2 On”, and the infectious “Hot N****”. 5 tracks in and you hear all the above; I was impressed with Problem’s flows and rhymes on just those alone. Worth a listen/download below.

Problem f/ Childish Gambino “Dollaz & Sense Freestyle”

A new freestyle from Problem & Childish Gambino, who also featured on a couple songs yesterday — the former on “Don’t Shoot” and the latter on Logic’s “Driving Ms. Daisy”.

The freestyle itself is somethin’ fresh — high energy and cool rhymes. Problem set the table with some slick references and I’m rockin’ with Gambino’s flow over the classic west coast feel from DJ Quik. His McCauley Culkin reference wins out, but I’m biased. I love Home Alone.


*Tibs Fav.


Various Artists “Don’t Shoot”

A la Game’s Michael Jackson tribute track (Remember that one?! Loved that one.), he recruits an incredibly big lineup of big names for a tribute to the fallen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. It naturally took a lot of time for all these artists listed above in the cover art to do their thing and yet, the song still impacts at a time when a message this big and delivered by this many big artists can really speak to the people. Can’t knock that sentiment right?

It’s hard to pick my favorite raps from this one, but I will say that TGT’s singing contribution is the perfect break between each series of verses. Keep your ears peeled.