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Quavo’s new solo album features Drake, Kid Cudi (oh and also Madonna)

It’s always interesting when the most popular rapper from a group goes solo for their first album. Quavo does just that with his new Quavo Huncho album you’re probably already spinning this weekend. I skipped ahead to the Drake feature (solid) and the Kid Cudi conclusion. As the bigger fan of Cudi amongst all the artists mentioned, I enjoyed his lyrics the most but the heavy autotune reminded me of Travis Scott (when usually when I listen to Travis, it’s the other way around.)

And oh yeah, that Madonna and Cardi B feature. Well, the “Champagne Rose” sample on the hook is kinda cool. Probs not for me but that song will appeal to the masses.

Migos & Chief Keef squash beef

The Migos x Chief Keef beef is no longer.

The picture above was taken last night as the crews met up, decided that water was under the bridge and Quavo got his chain back.

Good to see. I’m not one for beefs that can possibly escalate beyond the music, and both crews were talkin’ a tough game and I doubt it was just a bluff. Beefs where it’s just diss track after diss track in a purely competitive standpoint though… Those are the fun ones.